He's My Fiancée! I Went Back To The Past And You! Volume 1 Chapter 392 - 393: Once Could But Not Twice-III

Lin Chang Lu clenched her left hand tight with her other hand on Xiao Yun's wrist loosened for a moment before it became tighter, anger came over her. Xiao Yun knew where to point what was wrong. Lin Chang Lu had never loved Wang Li Lei and this herself she also didn't understand. She seen Wang Li Lei like the perfect man he look, closing her eyes on his flaws to think that he was the perfect person that could be by her side. And at times, she see him standing alone that made his image to overlap in her mind like her. She felt the solicitude was what attracts her to love him when it truth she was only trying to find similarities she could have with him.

For Xiao Yun to be the one who reveal her true feeling made her vexed. Her jaw tightened and the lid of anger she tried to close tightly burst open. She raise her hand high aiming for her cheeks and Xiao Yun cleverly avoid the slap narrowly but blood drips down on the corner of her lips.

Lin Chang Lu was still seething in fury, "Even if I do love Wang Li Lei for his wealth and position, what was wrong with it?! I am perfect not like you who was born with lesser things against me you have nothing and will never be anything!" The scream was loud and unmistakably, everyone have heard her words clear enough that they could repeat what she had said in their mind. Including the guest that came to the backstage.

A clicking sound stopped at their far left. Lin Chang Lu breaths that was harsh came to a stop when she turned her head and see Wang Yan Zhi and her shocked face. Beside Wang Yan Zhi was her husband, Qingge, and Wang Shi Ning. They all had heard well the true nature of Lin Chang Lu that she hid well by putting a play.

Wang Yan Zhi walked toward Xiao Yun and quickly helped her to stand up and Qingge also went to help. Seeing the blood trail on the corner of her lips, Wang Yan Zhi frowned, "Are you alright?" she asked with concern and when she saw Xiao Yun nodded, she asked again, "Did you hit your head in anything? Qingge bring Xiao Yun away from here." Qingge immediately agreed before she left, she looked at Lin Chang Lu and felt shock by the contrast of her personalities. Tian Shi let go of his hand from Fan Gang and went to follow Xiao Yun and Hi Gu Yan. Although he had been there for only a few second he could see well how Fan Gang seemed to have a lingering feeling for Lin Chang Lu despite the woman having nothing but greed for herself.

Love is blind they said, and the blindness was what ruin people.

Wang Yan Zhi then looked at Lin Chang Lu who was horrified by the reaction Wang Yan Zhi would give. "I didn't slap her, my hand didn't, I didn't." she couldn't finish her words. Then at that time she remembered and panicked, "I do love him." But her words were not to Wang Yan Zhi but herself as if she was convincing that she does love Wang Li Lei despite having no feeling at all for the man. Wang Yongyi who was beside Wang Yan Zhi shook his head only and turned his face away. Being a person who have a sharp tongue he preferred not to say anything.

"I have to say this Chang Lu. I have seen Xiao Yun and Li Lei. He is my grandson and like any other grandmother out there I wish to have him married to a good woman and live happily." She then sighed, "I thought that you will be the one, believing that I know everything good but I don't. I'm sorry to say this but I will. I am frankly disappointed at you." Lin Chang Lu gasped. "And myself for not being able to see the truth. Please find a better person and please do not harm Xiao Yun again. She's a good girl who had not done anything and one who thought the best for Li Lei."

"Believe me grandmother, I didn't slap her." Lin Chang Lu continued, hoping Wang Yan Zhi would have faith to her but Wang Yan Zhi had witness everything by her own eyes and had nothing more to say to her.

"I will tell your parents that everything is over." Wang Yan Zhi stated and she left the place, leaving Lin Chang Lu to everything that fell to her. At that moment, she remembered Xiao Yun's words, 'Once could but not twice.' She had slapped Xiao Yun's before but that was only in her hand at that time people still trust her as an accident but now, they could not. What about her company? Last time she had pushed the blame away and now if she would push the blame again, would people still believe her?

"It's over." Lin Chang Lu said in distress at Fan Gang with her emotions spiraling. Reality came to slap her hard. She was about to do this plan at Xiao Yun, blaming her, giving herself the limelight, proving to be the best even with the underhanded trick she use while knowing well that it could ruin many people's life. Xiao Yun in truth had done nothing wrong. She had only defended herself from the harm coming to her without using a dirty plan to go against her like she did.

But this was not the first time. Lin Chang Lu had many more sins kept in the dark. There were many other people who she had discarded for her greed and satisfaction. Xiao Yun could be compared a little less than others, there were once a bigger underhanded trick she had used to ruin a woman's life. Her company wasn't all white either as she had stolen many other nameless designers who could barely make their own living.

What Xiao Yun had done was to have her feel the experience her victims had to went through. All just because of her greedy nature craving to be the top.