Hien Lixue


Hien Lixue,

Memorized by her looks, you could tell she was not like the others... Her delicate body danced under the light of the moon, her fierce eyes burned with passion and detemination. Men looked at her, while women envied her... but the eyes of one man glared into her eyes like looking into her soul. Who was she? No one knew her.

Like his name, Zhou Weisheng was greatness indeed. Having inherited the title as Emperor from his father and being one of the fearless warriors, the Zhou dynasty had been a success. All but one thing left: a heir. Countless women threw themselves at the feet of the Emperor, wanting to be the Empress. He never even took a second glance or looked back.

Chen Hien Lixue, one would call her a free spirit. Her mother had died at childbirth, leaving her with her father and step mother. Her father adored her more that his other children, making the step-mother abusive towards her. Her only friends were her grandparents and her cousin. With her ability to see things before they happen and her beauty like a goddess, made her father keep her in secret.

This is a journey where one finds her place on the earth and another paves a pathway to her.

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