Honey : The Empire's Treasure Volume 2: Time for the fledgling to leave the nest. Chapter 430 - Plan C

The assumed 'army' outside the palace's gates were only a platoon of soldiers from the Shadow Wolves army. 

Ailwin felt it would be best to have another strategy in place, he didn't feel secure enough with just him, Mikaela and a hand full of soldiers with them in the palace. For they had left the Amara clan, he devised a plan with Braeden to get a few hundreds of their men into the imperial capital.

Of course, they had to do it covertly. They couldn't allow the King and his royal guards to notice their plan or it wouldn't work.

Using the warship Mika and Ailwin were on as a distraction, Braeden, along with platoon of soldiers packed themselves into air carriers. Flying low and taking the around by ways to reach the imperial city, they successfully hid themselves close to the palace.

They both knew it would be a risky move but they didn't want to take the chance of being ambushed by the King.

Before picking up Mika from the academy, Ailwin received conformation that the troops were in place. Braeden prayed Ailwin didn't have to use them, and they could simply leave as quietly as they came in.

However, when he saw the smoke flare coming from the palace, he knew something had gone wrong.

Like they planned, Braeden rushed toward the palace gates, catching the royal guards by surprised.

Using their slow reaction time against them, Braeden hasten the soldiers to get pass the gates before they took come out of their shock.

Hearing that General Gilwenys was here their back up, the disguised soldiers thanked Prince Ailwin for his foresight.

 With Prince Ailwin unconscious on the floor and Miss Mikaela nowhere around, they had to make the decision.

Guarding against the royal guards surrounding them, the soldiers had Saavi and Jaonos gather their prince off the floor and carried him as they were escorted out of the palace.

Saavi didn't wanted to leave, she wanted look for Mikaela, but Jaonos shook his head.

With the tense atmosphere they were having right now in the corriders and he could imagine what was happening outside. The last thing they needed to do is create trouble by demanding the search for Mikaela.

The royal guards were blocking them inside and they did not having a clue on where to start looking for her, there was no much they could do right now.

Even thought the Shadow Wolves Army was waiting outside the gates helping them to escape, it didn't mean they were ready for a full on fight. Even now as they walked to the plaza, they could both see several royal guards making their way to join the commotion.

Jaonos clenched his teeth, he knew if the rest of the guests find out that Prince Ailwin brought his soldiers to the imperial palace, they would be hunted for treason.

They needed to leave now, before this get any bigger.

Saavi hated to admit it but she knew he is right. Sucking up the guilty feeling in her heart she didn't thinking of protesting anylong and continued helping him to carry Prince Ailwin.

When they finally reached the plaza were the majority of the shuttles were park, they could see a massive squadron of soldiers standing at the gate arguing with the royal guards.

"We'll take Prince Ailwin away, you guys go deal with the trouble at the gates." Jaonos ordered the soldiers surround him.

Hesitant, the shadow wolves didn't want to leave their prince.

"The royal guards patience is running out, they look about ready to kill." Jaonos reminded.

They looked over a the gate to see many of the royal guards holding their swords. Even the royal guards escorting them, were reaching for them weapons.

"En." The shadow Wolve nodded, but still they help them to a shuttle with Ailwin, before running off towards their comrades.

The battle between the royal guards and the soldiers was getting heated. They needed to put out the flames before things got too carried away.

When Braeden saw his disguised him running towards him with a couple of the royal guards, he knock the male he was aruging with away to find out what happened inside.

"This the prince okay?"

"Yes." The soldiers pointed to a shuttle not far away that was getting ready for take off.

The minute the shuttle doors closed behind them, Saavi wanted to open them up again to find Mikaela.

"We can't leave her behind." She whispered.

Jaonos was taking whatever medical supplies he could find around the shuttle to secure Prince Ailwin's dangling arm from getting damage further.

"We aren't, we need to think of a good plan to come back. Things did not go as planned." Jaonos replied as he tried to reassure himself and Saavi.


"Saavi! Mikaela is smart. She would have had plan. If we try to go back in there right now....we won't be helping anyone."

"...okay." Hating to admit it, she hung her head as she sat in the pilot seat. Starting up the engines once everyone was secure, she took off.

Braeden breath a sigh of relief when he saw the shuttle lift off safely. Quickly calling his soldiers to retreat, the Shadow Wolves left as fast as they came. Leaving the royal guards annoyed.

When they were about seventy kilometers away from the palace, the shuttle suddenly changed course.

"Saavi, what are you doing? We need to get him to the school's healers."

"It's not me." Saavi looked over the control monitor wondering what went wrong.

"Don't bother looking….I did it." A voice said from behind them, giving Saavi and Jaonos a good scare.




Mikaela walked towards Ailwin and took his pulse. Checking over the rest of his body, she found his dislocate arm, shatter wrist, collapsed lung and internal bleeding.

With the limited medical supplies onboard, the only thing she could do for now was allow her nanos to at least patch up the hole in his lung to help him breath easier.