I Am The Queen Volume 3: Book 3 Chapter 117 - 26

"Looking nice there, Daniel." Evangeline smirk, starring at the mascot print on Daniel's new shirt.

After the unintended dip in the lake, Daniel and Lilybella were forced to buy undergarments, shirts, jeans, and shoes in one of the stores inside the amus.e.m.e.nt park to replace their wet garments.

"Isn't it cute?!" Lilybella chimed in, showing everyone her shirt. "We even have the same print!" Clasping her cheeks, she giggled. "It's like a matching couple shirt."

Refusing to acknowledge her existence, Daniel changed the topic. "I'm a little thirsty. I'm going to buy something to drink. What do you guys want?"

"Oh! Oh!" Raising her hand, Lilybella answered, "Milkies for Lilybella, please!"

Eric walked towards Daniel and said, "I'm going with you." He then turned to Evangeline, eyes much softer, the affection radiated from it was almost palpable. "Eve . . . what would you like?"

Blushing, Evangeline cleared her throat before she answered, "Water is fine."

"Mmm . . . Wait for us here. We'll be right back." Wanting to escape the mushy atmosphere, Daniel turned and strode towards the nearest vending machine with Eric following behind.


"What's so funny?" Evangeline asked.

Cupping her cheeks, head swaying side to side, Lilybella beamed. "Teacher, you're so in love!"

The corners of Evangeline's lips twitched. With her perfectly manicured nails, she fished out her compact powder from her pursed and inspected her face.

Was I too obvious?

She was busy inspecting her face when Lilybella tugged her dress.

"Teacher. Teacher. Look."

Turning to where Lilybella was pointing, Evangeline saw a gigantic Ferris wheel looming at everything under the sky. It was of those classic cultural icons which everyone ignored, yet would miss if not present in an amus.e.m.e.nt park.

"There's a rumor that if you and your boyfriend ride it and kiss when the cart reaches the peek, you will be blessed with happiness, and your love will be forever." Clasping her hands near her chest, Lilybella's squirmed. "Isn't it romantic? It's a very popular attraction for couples!"

Evangeline responded with disdain, sneering as she said, "Only kids with an underdeveloped brain and desperate people would believe such ridiculous rumors. I can't believe they would construct such a cliché story just to attract people to ride it. Despicable!"

"What are you two girls talking about?"

Daniel and Eric strode to the two with drinks in each hand.

Eric, who saw Evangeline eyeing the Ferris wheel, asked, "Do you want to ride the Ferris wheel?"

With a brightened face, Evangeline trotted to Eric's side and sn.a.k.e.d her arms around his. "Yes. I always wanted to ride it from the very first time I saw it."

They then walked towards the Ferris wheel hand in hand as Evangeline continued, ���I heard a rumor about it. It said if lovers kissed when they reached the peak, their love would be blessed, and they would be together forever."

"Hmm . . . There's that rumor?"

Staring at the two disappearing figures, Lilybella blinked before she ran after Evangeline and Eric.

"Teacher, wait for us!" She then skidded to a stop and turned back, waving at Daniel. "Your Highness! Let's go! Let's ride the Ferris wheel together!"

Snapping his head towards the sky, Daniel could only sigh before he dragged his feet after them.


Inside the Ferris wheel cart, Evangeline found the interior quite comfortable and relaxing. Or maybe because she was in a good mood as she and Eric sat side by side, enjoying the view and each other's company. A perfect place for alone time together.

As the ride gradually rose, Eric's deep and soothing voice echoed inside the cart, pointing and explaining the places he was familiar with and frequented to when he was still in Everland. A smile never left his face.

While Eric was busy recalling some memories, Evangeline, on the other hand, was busy studying him.

How his eyes would drop a few centimeters followed by the soft timbre of his voice, recalling some fund memories. How his Adam's apple bobbed up and down while his thin lips would sometimes tighten, stopping for a moment, then stretched in a smile when he finally remembered what he was going to say. How his pale-colored skin urged her to touch and explore every curves and contour.

And that look . . . oh, that look . . . there was something so s.e.xy about the vulnerable face he was making.

Her heart beat faster than its intended spec.

Then it was silent.

Evangeline noticed that he was waiting for her reply. Did he ask a question just now? She didn't know. She was too focused on losing herself in him.

His looks of bafflement gradually became a shy look, followed by a nonchalant gaze to the side and a weak smile.

Ah . . . Why is he so lovable?

Evangeline leaned in closer and closer until Eric's elusive eyes stared at her. When he bent down, she closed her eyes, and their lips touched in a soft kiss in time their cart reached the peek.

They didn't stop there, Eric's fingers gently pinched Evangeline's jaw, opening her mouth for him to caress her tongue with his.

Evangeline opened her eyes and m.o.a.ned in pleasure as Eric softly bit her tongue, gently sucking it. He was becoming a pro at it. Not that she was complaining.

She closed her eyes once more and reciprocated his intensity, earning a groan from him.

Lost in each other, they didn't notice two pairs of eyes peeking at them from the other cart.

Holding a silly grin while covering her lips, Lilybella squealed, "Your Highness! Look, look! They're kissing! They're kissing!"

While Lilybella was squealing in romantic affections, Daniel was sporting a complicated expression. Watching his ex-girlfriend kissing another man was kind of awkward and cause his irritation to spike. If in the past, he was not clear about Evangeline's feelings for him, now he was very sure that she didn't like him that much.

For a year that they had been together, she only allowed him a kiss on the cheek and forehead. However, it was not even a month she and Eric had been together, and they were already on the verge of making love inside a f.u.c.k.i.n.g Ferris wheel.

Pointing a finger on her chin, Lilybella's excited and fl.u.s.tered face turned to one of envy.

"How nice . . . Teacher must be so happy." Her eyes then flicked forward, zeroing on Daniel.

Snorting, Daniel retracted his gaze and shifted his head. "Stop staring, and don't move too much. The cart is rocking with your unnecessary movements."

"Ehehehe." Lilybella responded with a giggle before she said with shining eyes, "Your Highness, Lilybella wants a kiss too."

"No," Daniel replied.

"Ehhh . . . but Lilybella is his Highness fiancée."


Lilybella didn't give up and persisted. "Then, just in the cheeks will do."


"In the forehead?"


"How about on the hands?"


"My b.r.e.a.s.ts?"

"Damn, no!"

Puffing her cheeks, Lilybella didn't show any sign of stopping and continued to persist until their cart slowed and stopped.

Sighing in relief, Daniel got out from the cart while Lilybella's face was thick with disappointment.

"Mooo . . . Your Highness is really . . ." Her downcast face broke in a creepy grin as her head swayed side to side. "Ehehehe. His Highness is really shy. Kya!"

The moment the four of them were reunited, Daniel peeked at his watched and asked, "Are you guys hungry?"

"Oh! Oh! Is it time for snacks?! Then Lilybella want a toasted cheesy munchy and fries and a double patty big mac with extra cheese! Like dripping with them!" Lilybella said in an instant.

Eric and Evangeline glanced at each other before the former asked, "Eve, what would you like?"

"Anything that doesn't contain carbs will do, Eric," Evangeline answered.

". . . Uhmm . . . I'll try my best to find some salad and fruits for you then," Eric said, unsure of what to get her.

Once they jutted down the two girl's orders, Eric and Daniel left, leaving Lilybella and Evangeline behind at the nearby bench.

Minutes passed, and Lilybella was still happily having a one-sided conversation with herself while Evangeline waited for Eric and Daniel to return. Another more minutes passed before Evangeline felt her dress being tugged.

"Teacher. Teacher. Look."

Turning to where Lilybella was pointing, Evangeline saw an ancient dilapidated building with a vast 'Horror House' carved in blood plastered on its signboard and a long queue of people in its entrance.

��Teacher, that horror house is a popular attraction here. It's terrifying." In contrast with what she was saying, Lilybella's face, however, was all smiles, showing her crook canines.

"Lilybella heard it's a perfect place for couples to develop their relationship. The girl will go all, 'Kya!' And the boy will be like, 'don't worry, I'm here. I won't let anything happen to you.' And the girl will jump in the boy's arms and weep, 'I'm scared,'" Lilybella narrated, complete with exaggerated expressions and hand movements.

"It's the perfect place to be intimate with the perfect excuse of being scared to hug your partner!" Then her excitement died down. "And so Lilybella heard."

Evangeline rolled her eyes, sneering. "What's so good about that? Only hormonal teenagers would think disgusting thoughts like that. It's ridiculous how they think they needed the excuse of fear to be intimate. Only cowards and pathetic people would do that."

"What are you two discussing about?"

Daniel and Eric returned not long after, holding a bunch of snacks in their hands.

"Eric!" Evangeline trotted to Eric's side. Snaking her arms around his, she slurred, "Eric, I heard the Horror house is a top attraction here. I want to check it out."

And before Eric could reply, Evangeline dragged him towards the line of people in front of the Horror house.

Lilybella blinked before she ran after Evangeline and Eric. "Teacher, wait for us!"

She then stopped and ran back to Daniel's side and snatched the food in his hands and bowed. "Thank you for the food." She then bolted after Eric and Evangeline.

". . ."

Rooted in his spot, Daniel took a moment before he could react again. Head snapping towards the sky. He sighed before he strode to where the others are.

I Am The Queen

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