I Am Wolverine In AOT


I Am Wolverine In AOT,

The world of titans is a enormous one pun intended with the 9 intelligent titans ruling them all those are: The Founding Titan, Female Titan, Beast Titan, Attack Titan, Cart Titan, War hammer Titan, Colossus Titan, Armored Titan, and Jaw Titan they are the absolute rulers of the world of Titans but they won't be able to stand the might of the most legendary of X-Men Wolverine

Does the Armored Titan have almost impenetrable armor? I Wolverine will still slice him up

Does the Jaw Titan have a jaw that can snap almost anything that enters its mouth? Well then let him have a taste of my adamantium skeleton

The Colossal Titan is enormous and can kill me with high powered steam? Go ahead I will regenerate and slice him up

The Cart Titan has incredible stamina and endurance meaning it can go on for days or months without stopping? Then I will challenge it to a marathon and win

The Founding Titan can control other Titans making them attack me? Let them come no matter how many there are they are all just maggots and flies

The War hammer Titan can absolutely destroy me with a swing of his hammer? Then come at me I will still slice you up

The Beast Titan can talk and hay higher intellect? Come here I will gut you making coats out of your pelt and kebabs from your meat

Does the Attack Titan seek freedom? I will give you freedom in the afterlife as I slice you up

The Female Titan can instinctually harden and is an all-purpose unit? I don't care I will still woo the girl inside and make her mine

I Wolverine will stand atop this cursed world of titans slicing anybody in my way to bits

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