I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Volume 2: REBORN IN IRREGULAR AT MAGIC HIGH SCHOOL Chapter 187 - Notice

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I just wanted to tell you guys that I am thinking about dropping this novel, it has been a long time since I first started writing this novel. This is my first ever novel, my first step to greatness.

I loved writing about Ichizu and Nikasu, how the events should have proceeded from my point of view and it has been a glorious ride. You guys can see that it is getting harder to write more chapters and even the quality has dropped.

So I have made a decision that I shall be dropping the novel as I am struggling while writing new chapters. To substitute this I am writing a new novel of Irregular world. I know that a lot of people read my novel and have supported me through everything.

It pains me to more than anyone else, this is my first ever project that I ever wrote. 185 chapters with an average of 1000 words meaning about 185k words. This has been by far my greatest accomplishment ever.

Through this journey, we have completed a whole anime world and have explored another one. Naruto arc was something I enjoyed the most while I had my problems with the Irregular arc. But I wouldn't give up, I will write an Irregular world novel and complete it.

To tell the truth, I have already written about 9 chapters of the new novel and posted 3 chapters.

The response so far has been great and I am enjoying creating a new world. Well, I would just like to add that I love writing novels and creating a new world and I will never stop. The end is just the beginning of a new journey.

The New novel name is [The Mikaelsons in an Irregular World].

I am currently writing only 2 novels, one is [Lord of the Witches] while the other is the new novel. I will release chapters every alternative day like on Monday I posted a chapter from [Lord of the Witches] then on Tuesday I will post a chapter of [The Mikaelsons in an Irregular World].

And on Sunday I will post a chapter of both novels, meaning 4 chapters of both novels every week.

Once again thank you guys for supporting me throughout my novel and hope that you all keep supporting me as I will never stop writing.

Peace out....