I Hate You, Devil! Volume 2 Chapter 270 - First phase

Earlier that day, Yu Chen had been so busy with his new project that he actually forgot that that day was his birthday. He just arrived from his business trip when his men suddenly brought him somewhere else. 

The man had never celebrated his birthday so it wasn't actually a surprise if he completely forget. Of course, Gu Jinyang and the others remembered but last night, Xiaolei sent Gu Jinyang a message about her surprise present to Yu Chen. Xiaolei told him about her plan so Gu Jinyang followed her instructions to keep it a secret from him. 

Gu Jinyang also decided not to remind Yu Chen about his own birthday and told everyone to keep their mouth shut. 

And thus, as the car was heading in a different direction, Yu Chen's face became sour. He wanted to go straight home to see his wife!

"Yu Chen… Master Yu ordered me to bring you to where the little Young Masters are as soon as you arrive." Gu Jinyang lied and gladly, the moment he heard that this was about his sons, the sour look in his face slowly disappeared. 

However, when they arrived at a certain studio, Yu Chen began to look at Gu Jinyang with daggers in his eyes. 

"Could it be that the twins went to watch I.x.U's performance? Those two loved their big brothers a lot, no?" Guan Ye was the one who spoke and his words erased the suspicion in Yu Chen's face. The thought that Xiaolei might be the one performing didn't even cross Yu Chen's mind because he knew that his wife didn't have any plan to reveal herself yet. She told him that she wanted to stay hidden from the eyes of the public for now so the man wasn't even expecting her to perform. Although, deep within him, he wanted to watch her sing on stage, even once. 

"Go get them," was all he said. It looked like Yu Chen was keeping his words, that he will not attend any music show again, except when it was his wife's show. 

His men looked at each other before Gu Jinyang asked Guan Ye to go and fetch them. Unbeknownst to Yu Chen, Gu Jinyang had sent Guan Ye instructions to force Yu Chen step out of the car and enter the building. 

A while later, as planned, Guan Ye came back panting. 

"Boss, there's trouble. Little Ranran is in trouble, please come with us!" he frantically urged. The reason why Gu Jinyang choose the driver, Guan Ye, to be the one to go was because of his extraordinary acting skill. He was actually the only one who's acting could escape Yu Chen's keen eyes and it seemed like his acting worked this time as well. Well, even though Yu Chen might have some doubt, Gu Jinyang was sure that he had set everything aside. His sons were the ones that was involved after all. 

As Yu Chen hastily followed Guan Ye, Gu Jinyang immediately sent a signal to Xiaolei. 

The hall was dark when Yu Chen arrived at the hall. The last group who performed just finished in a blast so the fans were busy calming themselves down as they waited for the lights to be turned on. 

Everyone thought that it was over so they all turned their lightsticks off. Yu Chen who had just entered looked around and to his surprise, his men was no longer beside him. His brows creased but before he could move to take his phone out from his pocket, the stage lit up. 

A sweet melody started followed by a pleasing sound of a guitar. Of course, Yu Chen immediately recognize that sound. That was the intro of his wife's song! 

He slowly lifted his face and the moment his eyes fell on the stage; he froze in shocked surprise. He could see his wife standing there, like a mystic fairy in white. When her soulful voice reached his ears, Yu Chen felt his heart dramatically moved. Even though he heard her sang many times, this was kind of different. At that moment, Yu Chen felt like she was singing just for him to hear alone. 

Xiaolei discussed this song with him before, this song was their story. The memories that Xiaolei had forgotten. When Yu Chen learned that Xiaolei left because she got an amnesia, regret had enveloped his heart. If he had known, he should have never made that decision before.

The memories began flashing back as he watched and listened to her. He remembered how she made his heart moved even back when they were little. He remembered how he wished that she would just stay beside him and never go home or go to school. He remembered how his world changed when she appeared in his life. And he remembered how his world crumbled down to ashes when she left. Back then and now, she was the only one who could make him feel that he was truly alive.   

This girl was his sun, his moon, his star and the world to him. She was his life. 

Now that she was finally back in his arms, he would never let anyone snatch her from him again, never, not even fate. 

As Xiao Mimi's song ends, she looked at Yu Chen's direction one last time. It was dark but because of the red blinking light that was telling her about where Yu Chen was, she knew where he was. 

She knew he was there, watching her. 

Xiaolei didn't even notice the silent audience. She was too lost in her song, in their memories. Her heart and mind was filled with nothing but Yu Chen. She wanted to give her everything to make him happy in this especial day of his. 

She wanted to greet him happy birthday while she was standing on stage but she restrained herself. She wanted to tell him that while he was within her reach. She wanted to tell him 'happy birthday' as she hugged him tight.  

When the lights finally turned off, Xiaolei quickly left the stage. She had instructed Gu Jinyang to tell Yu Chen to meet her in the underground garage right after her performance so she didn't waste any time and immediately went to the exit. 

Her plan worked pretty perfectly and in no time, she reached the underground garage without getting any attention. She was already dressed up in her very own panda outfit as she hastily ran like an excited kid. 

The moment she spotted the beautiful man in suit that was waiting for her, Xiaolei beamed and the next second, their bodies collided. 

She hugged him tight, before she pulled away and looked at his face. 

"My husband, happy birthday." She said and Yu Chen's eyes widened in surprise before he slowly smiled at her. 

"Thank you," he replied and he yanked her into his arms again. "So that's your present to me, huh. Thank you. I love it." he added and Xiaolei's heart smiled in contentment. 

She pulled away again and cupped his face with both hands. 

"I'm glad you liked it." she uttered as she kissed him, before dragging him hastily towards the car. She didn't tell him but her performance on stage was actually just the first phase of her birthday present to him.    


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