I'm In Love With A Spirit


I'm In Love With A Spirit,

“Don’t touch me, you freak. Nothing is happening to me. I am fine, I feel fine, and I am going to my room to rest,” I yelled and I started to reach out for the door-knob but I just couldn’t.

I tried again, but my hand just passed through it. How?

“What is happening to me?” I shouted, instantly freaking out. I tried catching it again but I could not touch it. I pushed the door but instead of pushing it, I passed through it and fell on the floor.

He was immediately beside me, trying to help.

Scared to death, I pushed him away and started to crawl backwards, hoping to get away from the scary man and also hoping to find something to rest my back on, but instead of finding something, I crossed the bars of a bed and was now almost in a drawer…I stood up shrieking and started to run everywhere in a haphazard manner when suddenly my eyes fell on a still figure on a hospital bed.

Lying there was a lump of a woman. She was in the worst state possible, bruised everywhere and had a huge bandage on her head. Tubes stuck out from every orifice. She was breathing off a life support system… She was barely alive. She was me.

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