I'm Just A Farmer


I'm Just A Farmer,

A sudden world-class catastrophe shakes the earth. Every country issue shutdown announcement. And Earth officially reverts back to the dark age. No technology, No Junk foods, and No Phone and Internet connection.

After several hundred years, finally human can adapt to the new environment. Villages and Cities slowly began to appear on the land. The survivor creates the settlement to enhance their survival rate.

In the years 247 After Catastrophe, A youth run in the forest from a fierce tiger. Alas, how could the human weak body be compared with King of Forest?

How will the youth survive from the pursuit?

The release rate is 4 chapters minimum per week. This is guaranteed by me. Hehe

I won't promise you any bonus chaps. Truthfully, I'm a busy man and have little time every day. Of course, if all the reader gives me enough tips, I will use the rest of my energy to create more chaps. *shameless smile

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