Immortal Love


Immortal Love,

A scholarly prince and a princess from two kingdoms of ancient India fell in love. He was infamous due to not being a warrior and she was not well known because she was not the daughter of the main wife but the fifth wife.

They both have felt the love for the first time and were totally not aware of conspiracies surrounding them. Turbulent times of foreign invasions, political connections and need for security will cause them to be separated by death.

She died, he remained alive. He left everything and became a recluse to find the meaning of life and death. He found a teacher who told him that he can help him meet her again. His love became his driving force on the path of spirituality.

He started on the path of Yoga with the help of a great teacher. He understood about nature and received spiritual attainment. He understands about souls and true love. She gets reborn and he tries to be united with her.

She takes birth in modern times and he becomes her husband. How does it feel to a modern girl to live in a land of fantasy but not knowing it? How does an immortal adjust in the mortal world and make his wife trust him to follow him on a spiritual journey?

Out of all this, how his adopted daughter who is also a Yogi, becomes a bridge between them.

About this Novel:
1. A beautiful story of love which spans across ancient and modern times.
2. A thought-provoking story about God, Soul, Yoga and spirituality.
3. A fascinating story which raises questions about nature and the universe.
4. A brief glimpse of some historical facts and figures in the history of India.

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