Inequivalent Exchange


Inequivalent Exchange,

Sometimes being one of the chosen one is not a good thing. Reality is not game or light novel where you get a good cheat and then you dominate the world. Reality is like a lemon, sweet and sour. Where one mistake can cause a life to be reaped out.

In a world where blood and slaughter is common our protagonist will have to survive with non-combat blessings. He is not a fighter, he does not know how to fight. He is a project manager, office worker with mediocre to bad stamina. How will he survive ?

- Unlocking Inequivalent Exchange Skill -Parameter Modification: Enabling usage of item
Parameter Modification: Disabling decrease of item after usage

Follow the journey of our protagonist in taming the world where nobody is safe...not even story character..

Note: This story contain gore, immoral decision from MC, realistic depiction of situation handling and permanent death.

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