Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse Volume 7: Chaos Across Worlds Chapter 289 - Oculus!

A giant. 

A being of tremendous power whose eyes alone would bring terror to those observing had his hands spread out wide, a devilishly black aura erupting from him as it went to latch on to the mystically spinning frozen core of the Icebound World.


The terrible form of the titanous [Lesser Cthulhu] that was more than 20 meters in size and held feelers and tentacles constantly trembling with baleful Aether energy on the lower half of its face waited for a response from the cold Plantar System.


An impassive cruel energy covered the red glowing eyes of the [Lesser Cthulhu] as boundless energy erupted forth and fed into the [Devouring] ability of the Ultimate Sin of Gluttony.

The ability could devour any entities as long as enough energy was provided, and this process was being felt closely by the apathetic Planetary System of the Lost World!


The same impassive cold voice rang out from the Planetary System as a curious look passed over Noah's head.

[Threats are not necessary. You actually have a power capable of threatening an entity outside of your scope. It is completely out of my current understanding, but…]

Essence rumbled as Noah stopped putting in the immense amount of mana into the Devouring ability, the Planetary Core of the Icebound World continuing.

[...You are strong, so it is your right. What do you want?]

A bright smile that looked extremely terrifying erupted off Noah's face as the feelers and tentacles dancing on the lower half of his face continued to pulsate with purple-blue energies of Aether. His towering body neared the Planetary Core as he placed his hands directly on it, feeling the immense amount of energy of this star.

His homeworld received the signal as the formation of yet another line of connection was initiated with a Large World!


The rumbling voice that contained a tinge of otherworldliness from Noah rang out once more as the process began.

"Do not resist, accept the connection trying to be formed."

The Icebound World felt a peculiar line of connection it never thought to be possible bathe its core, its apathetic voice gaining a semblance of emotions.



Enormous amounts of mana gathered with Noah's humungous body at the center, minutes continuing to pass as essence roiled, gathered, and dispersed until yet another connection between multiple worlds with Noah at the center was formed.

[You crazy…!]

Reacting very similar to the Demon World, the Icebound World was flooded with information the moment the connection was established, its knowledge expanded and a brand new scope of understanding was added to its already expansive depth.

[This is against the natural Universal Laws…!]

Its apathetic voice had a tinge of shock as it continued to be flooded with the good and bad that came with the connections spread out across four worlds now, much of the mystery around the being in front of it, Noah, clearing up with the constant input of new information. 

Noah's immensely huge hands came back to his sides as cold winds roiled from this simple movement, his terrifying smile wider than before as he sent a thought of communication towards the new core he could feel a connection with.

"You must have learned about many things by now, especially the actions we are taking with each of the connected stars."

His tone had returned to normal as he had successfully formed a connection with the Icebound World, and this connection signified something big as he successfully tapped into yet another star's reserves of mana!

"Many of the connected worlds have their own unique treasures or techniques, what exactly does the Icebound World have that can be considered unique?"

A brief silence followed as an uncountable number of thoughts passed through the Planetary Core of the Icebound World before it replied.

[Nothing as unique and extensive as the...Beast World's Spiritual Lands, nor the Demon World's Power Jewels, and nothing as ridiculous as the system of your Homeworld. The Icebound World is an extremely favored location for studying the cold aspect of the Law of Water though, with those spending more time in the deeper depths of the world advancing much faster in power while training.]

The will of the Icebound World continued to speak as similar to how it received numerous information the moment it felt the connection with the three other stars, it began sending huge amounts of information towards Noah that dealt with everything to do with the Icebound World.

[Nothing as stupendous as Spiritual Lands can be found here, but this land is perfect to set up extremely fearsome dungeons attuned to the Law of Water that would allow anyone training here to advance their power twice, if not three times faster than normal.]

A fearsome light passed through Noah's monstrously red glowing eyes as he overused [Parallel Thought] and [Hasten Mind] to quickly organize thousands of thoughts and begin planning for possible operations that could be undertaken in the Icebound World.

In this wide expanse of space known as the Light Expanse of the Novus Galaxy, yet another star had bound its energies and life to a small lifeform. This brought the count to four, with this number seeming very minuscule when looking at the millions of stars floating in space, but the meaning it carried with it was stupendous to think about!


Across the vastness of space of the Novus Galaxy, in a location that a few powerful forces knew as the Letalis Expanse where Ancient Races slumbered, a glimpse of a fearsome aura awakened slightly as it felt something that could not be a reality.

In a region covered in deadly energies of Aether and other unknown elements, two stars began shining a deep red hue that caused the surrounding Aether to move chaotically as something briefly awakened.


This 'Thing' had felt the awakening of its bloodline a moment ago, with this feeling disappearing seconds after like it never existed before. This brought confusion to the awakened being as it knew it was the only one of its kind in this wide Galaxy. 

As the feeling only came and went momentarily, the being felt that it might have just wrongly felt something as it went back to its slumber.

The shining stars that were slowly brightening up to the bloody red shade gradually became dark as the chaotic energies reduced and things returned to normal. 

If there were any knowledgeable beings nearby, they would be trembling in fear at the meaning of these stars brightening up and dimming at just the slight waking of this terribly powerful being!

They would be able to understand that the extremely large brightening and gradually dimming stars...were actually just the eyes of this slumbering being!

Just the eyes were the size of a star, their brief opening causing the dangerous Aether permeating throughout the region to be thrown to disorder! As for the being connected to these eyes? 

Its size could not even be ascertained in this void darkness of space!

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