Juvenile Entertainer

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Juvenile Entertainer,

Two unrelated teens from two different parts of the world, that only have
being introvert and bad luck in common, come together to make the most versatile star in one body and one mind.


Release schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday


Warning: Harem, system, slow-paced, CRINGE and system with a bad personality.


Author's note:

The novel you are about read contains strong language and some vivid s.e.x.u.a.l content

The Mc is beta at the start as he is a character that suffers from anxiety due to his upbringing. Although it did take 80 chapters for the Mc to show visible growth that's just due to my naturally slow pacing.

Don't expect too much, especially since this is my first time writing a novel. It's also best not to take seriously as I am just writing for fun and to just something to do on my downtime

This novel will share a lot of similarities to other novels that I particularly love and mostly because I lack originality but it will be in my style.

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