Juvenile Entertainer Volume 3: Conquest Chapter 118 - Helping The Neighbors

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They were now stood outside a large home that took on the appearance of the modern home with it being odd shape with bright white walls and tall window to give it a more open feel.

There was no front garden but it had a garage door which could be assumed to be extremely spacious and could fit a good 20 to 30 cars.

Just standing in front of the house Theo began to asses the cost and couldn't help voicing his thoughts "At least 4 million dollars"

"Did you say 4 million dollars?" Said Mary with a shaky voice

"Understood, Mary let's sell this house and buy a cheaper one down the street," Said Grace immediately with an illusionary dollar sign showing in her eyes

"Yes, Ma'am," Said Mary with the same money-hungry look

"Hold up, I think for now you guys best just stay here. It's a great place and further, down the line, the price will increase. Getting another house on such short notice is difficult" Said Theo

"Prince Charming is right, live like the rich and spoil ourselves," Said Grace

"Yeahhh" Shouted Mary happily

Walking through the arch doorway they stepped in to immediately feel a sense of luxury.

Theo and the girls live in the same neighbourhood but they opted for a more of a low key home with it looking very ordinary in every sense.

While this modern home was open, overly spacious and felt exposed. Almost every so-called exterior wall was a spotless clear window welcoming the warm sunshine and unsettling eyes of nosy neighbours.

The surrounding interior walls were white as paper as most of the furniture matched with it's dark, and rich mahogany colours.

The living room had large open fireplace made up of a marble chimney while a large flat screen hung over the top.

Around the chimney was an assortment of sofas with a coffee table in the centre.

On the walls was some cheap modern art that could easily be mistaken as a child's painting.

Moving into the next room they found the conjoined kitchen and dining room following the same white and mahogany colour scheme with marble countertops and a glass dining table.

It has 3 bedrooms one of them being a master bedroom. Each bedroom had a large walk-in closet with a beautiful view. After a minute of walking around Mary got a call.

*Ring, Ring*

"Hello, yes this is Mary Stone, ah no that's fine. So roughly ten minutes okay. Thank you" Said Mary while talking on the home phone.

"Who was that?" Asked Grace

"It was just the truck with the prizes. They ran into some traffic and we'll be delayed" Said Mary simply

"So you guys hungry?" Asked Theo while looking at the time

"Ooo I want pizza's" Shouted Emily excitedly

"Pork Ramen please," Chloe asked nicely

"Oh, you can cook too. Hey, Mary, you best bag him quick before someone else takes him" Said Grace teasingly while poking Mary's sides

"Grace, stop it," Said Mary, not the least bit phased by the teasing

For Mary, she doesn't see Theo in the way most women would.

Her first impression was definitely a love-struck one but with the little time she has known Theo she feeling changed into pure the admiration of a little sister looking up to her big brother.

(Note: No winsest here)

"They'll be here in ten huh? How's about this I'll just go to down to my house for some ingredients and we'll cook here," Said Theo

"You really don't have to we can just call for some fast food," said Mary

"Nah it's fine I like cooking. So if you don't mind could you watch the kids for a minute" Said Theo while patting the kids head gently

"Sure, we'll you know what you do when you have a big house with lots of space," Said Grace towards the kids excitedly

"I don't know" Said Emily with her head tilted to the side

Chloe shook her head

"Of course you play, hide and seek. Mary your it, quick let's go hide" Said Grace while running away with the kids, as she ran away she shouted, "Count to 20!"

"sigh, okay," Said, Mary

"How old is Grace again," Said Theo

"She says she's 58 years young," Said Mary with a happy little laugh

"Well, I'll leave you to count. See you in a bit" Said Theo as he left through the front door.

• • • • • • •

Theo was at his place filling his bag up with meat, fruits, vegetables, pasta, seasoning and sauces. He also packed some utensils and kitchenware.

Before leaving he opened up his personal tin of homemade cookie and put half of its content in another tin and put a cute red bow on it.

Putting the backpack on he rode his bike at a calm and steady pace. Mary and Grace's place was just a block from his house.

The cold wind slapped his skin and blew through his white unkempt hair. A feeling of freedom and lightness filled his soul as a bright smile appeared on his handsome face.

Stepping in into the house he announced his return "I'm back"

"Shush, I'm looking for everyone else" Said Emily with a finger over her mouth

"Okay I'll be in the kitchen call me if you need anything," Said Theo while walking away

*Ding Dong*

"I'll get it" Shouted Theo as he turns back around

At the door, a man wearing white overall pulled out a clipboard and spoke "Hi I'm looking a for a The boys and I were told to help with moving the stuff into the house"

"Ah yeah sure thanks can you give me a minute," Said Theo before turning back and shouting "Mary, Grace it's your furniture"

"Coming!!" Shouted both Grace and Mary

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