Legend Of Legion


Legend Of Legion,

This Story is about David Haller, a junior highschool student, and a normal person like everyone else, except for his different personalities, and his hobbies, he's like everyone else, he is what people call a hooligan or delinquent, he's always skipping classes, fighting with other people, smoking, hanging out with his "friends" etc

he felt like a walking corpse, since he was alive but didn't felt like it, he was bored and tired about life because what's there to do on life? what are your expectations?

getting rich, marrying a beautiful women having kids, buying a good house and a good car? that's it? then what? what will you do after already having everything you want and need?

what are your new goals if already done everything that could have been done? exactly, nothing you will have everything but will you feel full?

maybe some people will, but David? he wouldn't, he wasn't capable because it will be too boring, and how about the poor people? what are their expectations?

isn't it the same? but after succeeding in what they want what else is to do? exactly nothing, and being rich is easy to say but not done, is it was that easy, starvation wont exist in this world, that was the way David thought and was living his life like, the reason he felt empty inside

but everything change one day when he was having lunch, and received a peculiar message, that message was what made David's life change, a new life full of excitement

Watch or read as David changes his, and everyone else destinies in the multiverse, and as a new legend is create

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