Lesser Of Two


Lesser Of Two,

She was born royal, but was denied the privileges. He was given all the privileges, but denied his royal title. Both wish to be free of the chains of fate and will stop at nothing to gain power.

Damia’s birth was a miracle. The shifter race was dwindling, and a female shifter had not been born in half a century. But regardless of this fact, she was never treasured, as her kind was feared. A fateful encounter would bless her with the strength needed to save herself from certain death. But this would also unleash a catastrophic evil dwelling inside her.

In her rampage, no force is strong enough to withstand her, let alone take her down, except one: the demon king. However, no demon had risen to power since the last king’s death in the Great War. That would soon change as Damia’s rise is the trigger needed to unseal his power. Xerxes will rise, but his priorities will be skewed and the evil in him will rival Damia’s.

With so much darkness unleashed at one time, the scales are tipped, and the balance between good and evil lost. Can a hero be found to rescue the world, or will this be the end of further existence.

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