Life As A God

Table of Contents


Life As A God,

The first, a world where the Gods have chosen to forsake all creatures, stripping them of their powers and magic, reducing them to war and chaos. Earth.

The second, a world inhabited by mythical creatures with astounding abilities, ruled in a fair and just manner. The Mirror World.

The third, a world ruled by the Goddess of Death, hosts all the sinful being from all other worlds, silently and painfully paying for their crimes. The Underworld.

The forth, a world full of joy and happiness, where the kind soles wait for their chance to once again walk the Earth. The Spirit World.

The fifth, a world which hosts the gods that overlook the worlds, making sure that everything is in order. Heaven.

Welcome to the world created by the 1st almighty, a Sithe, a being of immense power.

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