Light Of The Holy 'Maiden'


Light Of The Holy 'Maiden',

Liang Xingbai was a general in the apocalyptic world. Having a vision, he dreaded for the end of the world. No one believed him and so he died.

He was transmigrated into a world similar to the apocalyptic world. But instead of zombies, they were demons. Liang Xingbai hoped to help mankind this time and find his soulmate.

A soulmate might not meet even after millenias, or even hundred of millenias, until they were fated to be. Was his transmigration...a point to find his soulmate?

Liang Xingbai : Hello, do you know who my soulmate is?

ML : Come here~

Liang Xingbai : ...nope

ML : I thought you're looking for your soulmate?

Mob A : Hey beautiful~ Mind spending some time with me?

Liang Xingbai : I'm a man

Mob A : Really???

Liang Xingbai : *shows junk to Mob A*

The next day, Mob A mysteriously disappeared and a certain someone is being punished by a certain ML.


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