Light Speed


Light Speed,

Crossing in the World of One Piece and founding himself that he has become one of Admiral of Navy Borsalino aka. Light Human.
He got Light Light Devil Fruit.
With the fastest speed see how he grow and become strong and stir up the sea and this whole world and incited the interest of World Government and Nobles.
To make it more interesting he found cultivating breathing methods have an amazing effect in this world.
This is not a fantasy but a real world.
"Gol D Roger, your next move, will set off a chaotic era, causing people to suffer and increasing criminals. Are you sure to do this?
"Byrrndi World, your crime, no need for any forgiveness and tolerance, death is your only end!"
"Five Elder Stars, you have been doing wrong for hundreds of years, contrary to justice, please roll out Mary Geoise and accept your punishment!"
In the battlefield where artillery and blood are intertwined, only the navy is justice!
And he, code-named Kizaru, is the most powerful in the history of the Navy!
All violations of justice will be his enemies!

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