Martial God


Martial God,

In the Earth there is nothing like magic or mana, in this world poeple who want to be strong must train his inner energy that they called Ki, but at this time in earth someone who can use Ki is extremely rare.

In the martial world there is many powerful person who have so much power but there is one person who known as the strongest person on the earth, they called him the god of destruction. they give him that name because he is always destroys whatever his enemy has without remaining.

Right now in a class sitting young man named Inami he is now bored with the lessons given by the lecturer in front of the class. but the main cause of his boredom is because he has achieved his dream, which is to be the strongest person on the earth.

Yea thats right he is the one who poeple called The God Of Destruction, in fact he is didn't expect that he could achieve his dream at very young age, he was still 21 years old right now but he could already defeat the old geezer who were considered as the martial god on earth.

And when he already give up to find a new purpose to live. the god give him a new purpose to live that is to save the poor people in another world with his strengt.

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