Midnight Of Kiah


Midnight Of Kiah,

As she died young, a flower that was yet to bloom and left this world unwillingly, perhaps that's why heavens gave her another chance to live gracefully..
Except this time...as a man.

Her mother gave her the name Grace so that she would grow up gracefully, live gracefully and die..gracefully. Even in her death bed, she has to smile and say it doesn't hurt, that she is okay.

But when eternal sleep came to set her free from her pains, instead of excepting death gracefully; she thought about all the things that she couldn't do, like walking, running, laughing from the depts of her heart.

Picking up where this ethereal beauty of a male idol named Hong Mi Jung left off I'm going to live gracefully!


Somewhere inside Grace’s brain :

"No, i can't dance....

What is falsetto?....

My face hurts from smiling....."

......It is cold, i'm freezing,please let us go already."

Singing till I can't speak, dancing until sunrise, without sleeping a wink I have to look stylish and graceful... Graceful my a**!!

I just want to sleep!

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