Mildly Unhinged Pampered Wife


Mildly Unhinged Pampered Wife,

"Tesoro, what did you do..."

"Nothing ah, nothing."

'Then why are your lovely fingers around his neck?!!!!'

Sigh. "Tesoro, if you do not stop slapping her, your hand will bruise."

"Who told this white lotus to look at you for more than 10 seconds?!"

Niccolo Amorelli thought he had everything he could ever want; a successful empire, fast cars, and a string of beautiful mistresses at his beck and call. He was content. At least he was before he encountered the puzzling Chinese heiress, Huang YiFei, at a social gathering in Volterra. She was a drop of blood in a sea of black and white in her scarlet dress that she wore like armour. He admired her gall and approached her with every intention to make her one of his mistresses. To his disappointment, however, she was a meek wallflower instead of the tempest he expected. Niccolo then buried his infatuation with her beauty and pushed every thought of her out of his head.

Five months passed before fate thought to cross their paths again, this time at a wedding reception in Venice. Niccolo, horrified by the self-revelation that his desire to possess her had not paled and aroused by her exquisite dress, swore he would bed the Chinese beauty to quench his thirst.

Having said that...helping the heiress hide a dead body was not part of his delicious seduction. It wouldn't have been such an issue if the body in question was not the man of the hour.

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