Miraculous Spiderman


Miraculous Spiderman,

Jarrin Wright was a nobody. He was a simple cog in the wheel. No he was not even a cog he was screw that fell out of the machine, and the machine kept on going like nothing has ever happened. Let just say that he felt like his life was meaningless. He had no friends, His parents were disappointed in in him and most importantly he thought he was a failure. The only light in Jarrin life was comic books, Like DC and Marvel. Ever since he was young he use to dream of being a hero in one of the stories he read. One day he gets that chance unfortunately he dies. The gods take pity on young Wright and transmigrate him into the body of and alternate younger version of himself. He soon realize he came to the DC universe but it is different from the one he knows. The major difference is that he gets bitten by a radioactive spider on a field trip to Oscop. You see where I am going with this. Jarrin decides that now that he has a second chance he is going to things differently he going to live his life to the fullest

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