My Heart Beats Only For You Volume 1: The truth to be disclosed.. Chapter 166 - Ghost blackmailer...

"The proof of your betrayal to Willa is here. One click and she would know everything about your treachery.. If you don't want it to happen, then meet me near the deserted part at the left part of the city.."

A message popped on Sam's phone and he furrowed his eyebrows to think who the person was to text her right now in his private number as not everyone was aware his particular this number which were only fir official calls..

Even Willa didn't know about it...

His face changed into a dark shade of colour as soon as he read the message. Gripping the phone in his hand tightly, he dashed towards Peter's cabin hurriedly.. 

Peter was busy with his daydreaming about destroying the CEO of Creation and getting it under his own wings when Sam barged in even without knocking for once. Peter jumped in fear from the sudden loud bang on the door as Sam pushed it open so hard that it collided with the wall loudly making a shrill sound.

"What was that Sam? Though you are one of my favorite employees but that doesn't mean that you would have the audacity to barge in my cabin at any time without informing me beforehand." Peter shouted at Sam.

Sam who was already breathing heavily because of his running, got angrier when he saw Peter was scolding him and he also shouted back with sudden rage, "F.u.c.k with your primeness. Because it'll not last long if this video gets public soon."

"How dare you talk to me like this? And what kind of nonsense are you spouting right now? What video are you talking about?" Peter stood up from his chair firmly and yelled at Sam.

Sam was not at all sane in front of Peter after watching the video so he rushed towards him and dropped his phone on the table before yelling, "Watch it yourself."

Taking the phone from Sam hesitantly Peter played the video with his shaking hands but his legs turned into a jelly as soon as he saw it and he stuttered, "Who.. who sent this video to you? And how did that person get this video in his hand? I already ordered the bar manager to not allow any camera or CCTV footage to get leaked. Then what is it? And how could this be possible?" 

Peter's situation was not less agitated than Sam. He could not believe his own eyes that it could even be possible as he had already taken the necessary measures to hide their all plans and schemes from their rivals..

"I don't know who sent this video to me as I received it from a ghost number. But the person informed me to meet him today evening if I don't want it to get leaked.." Sam informed.

Peter was already going mad as he scratched his head crazily and pulled his hair out of frustration. He paced around his office in a speedy way to get some idea for thinking of some solution… and then his mind hit the correct cord suddenly..

"If this is a ghost number then we can hack the number and know about the real identity of the person. Then it will be more helpful for us to handle. Let me call my assistant first." Peter said when he found out that, hacking would be an extreme good idea to know about the blackmailer's identity without much hindrance..

Sam nodded his head vigorously, feeling a hint of relief in his heart and mind that there might be a possible way to handle this matter without getting caught. So he then waited for Peter's assistant to come here. After few minutes of patience, Peter with his assistant ran towards his cabin with sweat tickling on their faces..

As soon as they entered Peter's cabin, his assistant asked, "Boss, where is the phone in which the message was sent. I need to check it first."

Peter pointed towards Sam and said, "It's with Sam. He recieved the text about half an hour ago."

Peter's assistant nodded and quickly took Sam's mobile from him and tried to open it. But it was unlocked so he returned it to him back..

"Sam unlock your phone fast then hand it to me. I'll check the tracking address and see who did this." Peter's assistant said before opening his laptop.

He checked the number before connecting with some of his hacking software and pressed some buttons and codes on the keyboard. But still he was not able to find the actual account holder. 

"Sir... We couldn't find it. It had been hid very well to protect its proper signalling pathway." Peter's assistant told them.

Peter kicked the table in frustration and anger as he cursed loudly, "Damn it.! Now how will we found the secret blackmailer?"

They were about to lose their all hope when suddenly Peter's assistant found some code line to be visible on his laptop. He was confused at first but when he followed the instructions according to the pointers, some dots started to connect with each other randomly.

Soon also the name with the face of the ghost blackmailer got showed on the laptop screen with a HD quality image and few of her personal information..

"Got it.. I found out who the person is." Peter's assistant exclaimed excitedly.


On the other side, Veronica who had already hacked Peter's assistant's laptop at the first, was eating some candies while watching their activities..

"Oh Peter and Sam.. You have no idea what are you guys doing right now. And that stupid assistant of yours doesn't even know the simplest technique to hack an ID details. That's why I have to send you guys some help from here.

Aishhhh!! You guys have to pay for this double when we will meet.." Veronica said smirking for all while..

She checked time on her wrist watch and when she saw it was all perfect, she quickly clicked a special button on her keyboard and soon the data with her personal information started to get linked with Peter's laptop..

"Now see my beautiful face and enjoy it.." Veronica smiled devilishly..