My Vampire System Volume 2: They Arrive! Chapter 337 - A cryptic messege

After finding out about this revelation, Jack couldn't believe it. Slowly, it was starting to make sense of how they knew his every move and how they could plan against him.

'Of course, Pure would have put a Student spy into the school system. Just how they rescued Peter before, they most likely used him to do the same here as well.

'You were always one step ahead of me, and now I know why, but now I'm one step ahead of you." Jack said with a smile as he got up from his seat.

"Where are you going, Jack?" Oscar asked. "Are you not going to watch the rest of the fighting events?"

"Ah, there are some important business matters I need to look into. Don't worry; I shall be back soon."

Jack left the room and started walking at a fast pace out of the booth to head back to his room. There were still a few things he needed to think about before he could make his next move. Even if Quinn was a part of Pure, that didn't change the fact that he had a rare ability that no one had seen before. Suddenly, claiming the student was part of Pure, might make it harder for him to obtain the boy's powers.

He wanted both Pure, and the shadow power for himself. Quinn was the key to that. Once Jack had returned to the room, he had contacted his headquarters back at Dreamland City. A digital display on his wall, connecting a video call. Immediately he had called for his old Guard Kenny, who had made the report about the shadow powers before.

"That's right, sir, everything you said matches up with exactly what I saw that day," Kenny replied.

Just then, another message had appeared on screen, which was from sergeant Duke.

'The information about the student I requested.' Quickly he started to read through the report. 'Quinn Talen… only child… Orphan, pfft the perfect backstory for an agent of Pure. No surprise there.'

While Jack was busy talking about his team and doing research on Quinn, over at the arena, the reporter had just finished talking with Multiplier.. She was now moving on to the star of the show, Quinn.

"First, I have to congratulate you on your upset victory. Of course, we all saw your impressive martial arts skill when fighting the clones but what we really want to know about is your ability. My research says that you're not from an original family. Still, I don't think any of us here have ever seen an ability like that before. So what we want to know is just how and what ability is that?" The reporter asked.

Quinn looked at the big screen, and he could see his own face maximized for everyone to see. Everyone in the crowd was waiting for his answer. He then thought back to what Vorden had said, and he was ready to reply.

"As you said, I am not from an original family. I grew up as an orphan. The detail of how I learned the ability is a story and a half, so bear with me. An incident happened at school a while back, where I was transported to a red portal planet. The whole place seemed abandoned.

"While I was there, I came across an ability book I had never seen before. I currently didn't have an ability, and I thought my luck had finally changed. The school eventually found me and returned me safely, but I chose to keep the fact I had found the book a secret. This event had happened a few months back. Due to it being a high-level ability book, it took me a long time to learn. Even after learning it, with no teacher or reference on how to use the ability, it took a while to come up with my own skills. I wasn't ready and chose to hide this from everybody.

"As an orphan and no family or factions to protect me, this felt like the right thing to do. However, today a good friend of mine had offered in return for giving them the ability book, I would become a member of their faction and family. As for the ability itself and which family that is, I think you will all understand why I won't go into further details about that now, as it's not fair to the original family who took me in.

"Before I end this interview, I have one last thing to say." Once again, Quinn looked up above the arena, where his friends and Vorden would be standing.

"If you chose to still go after me, then the chains that have been locked away for centuries shall be broken by the Blades."

There were many questions the reporter had wanted to ask, but Quinn had already started walking away after saying those few words. After hearing Quinn's story, the people in the crowd could understand the reasoning of what had happened so far and why the student had chosen to do what he had done. However, the families and factions in the crowds felt like what the student had just done, was outright silly.

Even if he didn't reveal the family's name that was protecting the book, they would find out soon. Declaring that this family had the ability book was putting a target on their back, and unless they were one of the big four, there was unlikely anything that would stop them from trying to take it from this family.

However, the reaction in the booth was a completely different one. The last words had sent a shiver down each of the Big Three in the room's spine. Goosebumps were felt all over the place.

'Damn!' Owen shouted in his head. For the first time, he wasn't so giggly cheery like his usual self. Instead, he was biting his fingernails. 'I knew this was a possibility after I saw the two of them were friends. But who would have thought? Now no one can touch him.'

'Those last lines.' Mona thought. 'They were quite clearly a code, a code that only we would know.'

Oscar had noticed a slight change in the room. Usually, they were quite a rowdy bunch, especially with Burnie and Owen always bickering at each other, but now there was complete silence. 'Was it something the boy said?' He thought.

But he was concerned with a different matter. If what the student was saying was true, the red portal he had access to must have come from the military base they were at. Which meant it was a planet the military had explored. Why was there such an ability book on a planet like that?

Oscar wished to delve further once this whole event was over. Perhaps he would find clues about the ability book and what had happened on the red portal planet. It might even lead him to the original owners of the ability book.

The rest of the event continued as usual, and Jack had eventually returned with a smile on his face. The event had now been going on for a while, and during it, not a word was spoken. They hadn't really focused on the matches at all.

Each one of thems' minds was filled with other matters, and finally, the event had come to an end.

The big four returned to their rooms, and so did the supreme commander. As Jack went back, he started to think of a plan he could put in place. If he was only to inform the military of the matter without the others knowing, then maybe they would allow him to take the boy's ability. It would also make sure the power didn't fall into the other three's hands, and he knew they would like that.

Still, it was a little risky. The best time to do anything would be when the boy returned to his military base. Pure still didn't know he knew about him. He had close connections with Duke and could use this to catch Quinn and take his powers before anyone could interfere.

Going to his desk, he grabbed a bottle of whisky that was out on display and poured himself a clean, nice shot with no ice.

'I deserve this for everything I've done today.' Jack said as he lifted the glass in the air.

Suddenly, he heard a knock at the door. A frustrated Jack placed the glass back on the table and answered it.

"What is it!" He said with anger, but when he looked at who it was, he was surprised to see that it was Mona Bree.

"I'm here to tell you about an emergency meeting between the Big Four. It will be regarding what happened today. You have to come now!"


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