Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? Volume 7 Chapter 487 - Revealing More Secrets

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Returning back to her room, Shiro saw Keiko sitting on the bed.

"Before you say anything, I just want to say sorry for my insensitive response. I hadn't even considered how you felt when telling us this secret." Keiko apologised as Shiro raised her eyebrows before smiling.

"It's fine. I had expected as much since I couldn't believe it at first either." Shiro chuckled while sitting next to Keiko.

"So what now? Shall I go search for this Duan Han Ying so that we can get revenge?" Keiko asked, feeling much more comfortable with Shiro now.

"Hm, not yet. We need to go save Yuki since she is still being locked up. From my memories, I remember the way to unlock her but it may have changed so I'm not too sure. However, even without the solution, I can cancel mana so I should be able to deal with the barrier if given some time. I'll be needing help from you two since there's a chance that high level enemies may be stationed around the barrier." Shiro explained with a smile.

"I see. Alright, where is she located? If I have a mark nearby, I can teleport us there. If not, I can get some of my faction members to give us a ride with the teleport shrines." Keiko asked eagerly.

"Calm down haha." Shiro chuckled while patting her head.

Bringing out her tablet, Shiro typed up a few notes on what she knew so far.

"After losing my memories, I found out that she was trapped in the Frozen Imperial Mountains that was located in Mount Everest through a portal. However, now that I've got my memories back, I know that it's not as simple as just that. Duan Han Ying is an annoying person to fight against since he has quite a few weird spells in his arsenal.

"If anything, there's a high chance that just entering the portal to the Frozen Imperial Mountains would either trigger a trap or notify him of our arrival. I also know that Yuki said the space around her is an incomplete dungeon. Meaning it's something similar to the legacy space that my friend, Lyrica's mother, created back in Miriel.

"Hopefully, there's a chance that I can enter the dungeon through using one of my skills that allows us to travel through a second dimension of sorts. The one that you forcefully broke into when you were chasing me, Keomi." Shiro explained with a smile as Keomi coughed lightly.

"I didn't know it was you so I couldn't help it ok?" Keomi replied.

"Haha, I know don't worry." Shiro nodded her head.

"Anyways, I suggest that we scout out Mount Everest completely first so that we can get a 100% accurate scan of the entire place. That way, we can compensate for the lack of knowledge now." She suggested.

"How do you think we should do that? Even if we map out the area with mana, there's no guarantee that there aren't any hidden areas to be discovered." Keiko asked with a frown.

"I know hence why I'm deciding to tell you a second secret of mine." Shiro smiled as she snapped her fingers and changed her appearance to that of the Rogue Assassin while also showing the duo her hand cannons that she had used in the video.

Recognising the disguise immediately, Keiko widened her eyes in disbelief. Her cousin was actually one of the most wanted people in the world right now due to the weapons that she had that could actually kill with such ease.

"You're kidding right?" Keiko asked.

"Nope. I have access to a few items that can help us scan the entire mountain range with 100% accuracy but I'll need you to help me set up a few nodes in order for it to work properly." Shiro smiled while removing the disguise.

"Ah can I look at that gun for a moment?" Keiko asked as she was extremely curious about how it worked. After all, it was the first of its kind.

"Sure." Shiro nodded since she trusted Keiko.

Handing over one of her guns, she waited while Keiko inspected the inner workings.

 After all, even if she knew, it would be quite hard to replicate. Not that she was worried about that to begin with.

"What is this material? It's… so strange." Keiko frowned.

From what she could tell, the material was highly adaptive and almost seemed 'alive'. She could feel mana from every single part of the gun as it was something considered impossible to be done by an ordinary blacksmith.

"How did you even come across this weapon?" She asked.

"I would say I made it but I received the blueprint from a few unruly people. I managed to make the gun using those blueprints." Shiro replied with a smile.

"Then you need to keep those blueprints secure and make sure you don't tell anyone about this if you can. If the world was to find out that you have a blueprint that can produce this weapon, they would constantly bombard you in order to get their hands on this. You know how human nature can be and the moment they get the first prototype for a gun, they'll be looking for ways to further develop it." Keiko warned.

"Don't worry, I understand. But yeah, back to the topic of Yuki and Mount Everest. I'll be using an item of mine in order to scan the mountain. Once that's done, we'll look for a safe way to enter the Frozen Imperial Mountains." Shiro summarised as they both nodded their heads.

"Good. And just in case things are harder than we expect, I have a skill that allows me to give you girls a little boost. Think of it as granting you a passive skill as it is within my privilege as the queen of a race." Shiro said while standing up.

"Oh that would be quite helpful in general. How do we activate your skill?" Keomi asked curiously since she needed as much strength as she could get in order to continue to help Shiro.

"It's simple. Just stand in front of me and I'll do the rest." Shiro replied.

Gesturing for Keomi to stand in front of her, Shiro repeated the actions that she did for Aarim.

Swiping her hands down, a familiar staff appeared in her hands as golden energy flowed out. This time, it was more controlled as Shiro knew what to expect.

"Keomi, on my authority as the Celestial Sylph Empress, do you accept a role in my court? Do note that once this is done, the role cannot be revoked." Shiro asked.

"I accept." Keomi nodded her head.

Tapping the pommel down on the ground, a tier 4 magic circle expanded out as a familiar set of notifications rang out on her system display.

[Acknowledgement Received. Generating Role… Celestial Court Champion.]

[Celestial Court Champion]

Repeating this process with Keiko, a role was generated for her as well.

[Current Celestial Court Roles:

Celestial Court Mage : Aarim

Celestial Court Champion : Keomi

Celestial Court Hidden Blade : Keiko]

Both the roles, Celestial Court Champion and Celestial Court Hidden Blade, gave huge benefits as they would convert a portion of Shiro's INT stat into their most preferred stat.

An example would be that 10% of her INT would be converted to STR for Keomi. While the boost may be small for their level, it was bound to increase in the future, giving them that extra edge.

Plus, their skills had a rather unique bonus passive. For Keiko, she would be granted true stealth for a short period of time whenever her health reaches less than 10%, giving her a chance to escape while Keomi would heal up for 50% of the damage she dealt along with 50% resistance to physical based attacks when she activates her berserk skills, allowing her to rampage with even more ferocity.

Seeing this, Shiro understood that each role that she gave out would receive something to help their class. For Aarim, she was given a skill to help her make more spells while Keomi and Keiko were given skills to help them fight.

Now that she understood this, Shiro wondered who she should give the next role to when she reaches level 150. One of the best candidates she had in mind was Madison since she was the only tank on the team. However, at the same time, Nan Tian was also an option since he was the highest level person here but he was quite an anomaly to Shiro right now.

'Regardless, I should probably keep the next role within the party.' She shook her head and focused on the task at hand. Now that both Keiko and Keomi got their roles, she planned on making their way to Mount Everest straight away since the longer they wait, the higher chance of Yuki dying.

Choosing to tell the party tomorrow, Shiro had both Keomi and Keiko rent a room so that they can rest for now.