Naruto : The Forgotten Yamanaka


Naruto : The Forgotten Yamanaka,

The Yamanaka clan was known to be a peaceful clan.

They were loyal, friendly, they were good people. However people can chance because of their emotions.

Ako Yamanaka, the wife of Inoichi Yamanaka, changed after the death of her husband.

She was left alone, to raise her two years old daughter, yet as if the entire world was against her, something else showed up. It seemed that Inoichi wasn't the best husband, he had cheated on her, the result of a night of passion was a little boy with golden eyes.

The grief, the sorrow, the sadness, the pain. All that was enough for Ako to make a bad decision, she abandoned him. She left him in front of a random house in Konoha, unaware that her decision would lead to something horrible.

This story is the tale of a forgotten boy, a Yamanaka without any kindness in his heart. What will he become ?

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