Olivia Sparks Volume 1 Chapter 123 - Starved Caveman

Rockaway Tower

Kicking the master bedroom door open, Maxen was welcomed with a camera sitting on a tripod. But what surprised him more was the bazooka lens that was attached to it.

"Surpriiiiise! Your ticket to becoming a wildlife photographer."

"Wow?" he replied, unsure what to react as she put Olivia down. He scratched the skin above his eyebrow, formulating words in his head. "Baby… you don't have to buy me a new one. I have one sitting at the Highlands."

Olivia walked over the camera and adjusted the focus. "Well, this is the camera you're talking about. I didn't buy you one because your mom said you have it in your old room.

Maxen snorted. Of course his baby would check if he had a thousand-dollar equipment lying around to save herself the hassle of an unnecessary purchase. His reverie was cut short when he heard her call out his name.

"Say cheese, Max!" Olivia pressed the shutter, capturing an image of Maxen with his hat on.

She couldn't stop herself from chuckling when an image flashed before her eyes. Thinking about it, if he did have a laso, he could pass as Indiana Jones. 

"Come here, mate!" She gestured for Maxen to come over and showed him his photo.

Bending slightly, Maxen zoomed in and out the photo and started tinkering with the camera.

"Yeah, you need to adjust it a bit. See, you have to find the right exposure first, and then—" He paused and straightened his back, clearing his throat. He looked to his side where Olivia stood. He saw her smiling, and so he mirrored her smile too.

"Go on. I'm listening." Olivia's lips curled into a smile that reached her eyes, amused at how focused he was, giving her a crash course in Photography 101.

He realized he looked a bit geeky a few seconds ago, but he couldn't help it. As much as he hated cameras who followed his every move, he's obsessed with it at the same time.

"I'll show it to you next time when we go out for birding."

"About thaaaat…" Olivia trailed off, stripping his suit jacket off him, hanging it on her forearm. "I asked Jack to clear your schedule tomorrow so we could go out and play for a day."

"Are you certain it was Jack or someone named Isla who made the arrangements for us?" Maxen didn't have to ask. He knew only his mother could pull something like clearing a day full of engagements at Olivia's request. And it's not that he's ungrateful about it because he badly needed it too.

"I did pull a few strings. Now off you go to the ensuite," Olivia turned him around to where the ensuite was. "We have to wake up early tomorrow. Wildlife is waiting for us. Egg-zoiting!"

"Wait." Maxen's heel braked on the floor, stopping Olivia from pushing him. He turned around, towering over her.

One step at a time, Maxen inched his way to the bed, his eyes never left Olivia's who was taking a step back with his every step forward.

"You said wildlife." He c.o.c.ked an eyebrow, his eyes darting down where another wildlife should be hidden under the silken nightgown.

"I did. In the jungle far away from the city." Olivia's calves hit the edge of the bed. She could hear her heart pound in her ears when Maxen's predatory gaze sent zaps of electricity to the pit of her stomach and a pool of l.u.s.t between her legs.

"We both know there is one here… at my disposal." Maxen brushed the pad of his thumb over her lips, slightly parting it open while his blue orbs never left her hazel ones. 

And as if an invisible force told Olivia to sit on the bed, she followed it like a good little lamb. Maxen c.o.c.ke dhis brow on her nightgown, and she peeled it off her, pooling it on the floor.

He drank every inch of her skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps on its track. Smirking at how her breath hitched as his eyes traversed her form.

"But… I don't think you'll find a jungle down there." Olivia winked. She was partly nervous but it didn't show on her face. Will he like it? He better should after all the pain she had to endure earlier.

She waited in bated breath as Maxen hooked his finger on her knickers, his eyes never left hers as he tugged it off her legs and threw it somewhere in the room.

Olivia's knees easily parted for Maxen and when he knelt between her legs, her arousal wafted in the air, a sweet scent inviting him to taste her. 

But what surprised him the most was what welcomed him: The Hollywood. Zero hair, silky smooth p.u.s.s.y all for Maxen's consumption.

A grin broke out of Olivia's face when Maxen's eyes popped out of its sockets, his grip on her knees tightened as he rolled his tongue over his teeth.

"Like what you see?" she asked.

"What I like more is what I'll be snacking on."

Peels of giggles echoed in the room as he trailed kisses from her knees down the length of her inner thigh. 

Maxen's head dipped, his palm skimmed up from her h.i.p.s to her ribs, finding refuge on the undersides of her b.r.e.a.s.t.

Olivia took his hand, placing it on her chest, his palm drawing circles on her pebbled n.i.p.p.l.es that her back arched like a feline as he revered her aching b.r.e.a.s.t with his warm touch.

Her skin broke out in goosebumps when his tongue lashed between her slit, tracing the line in an up and down motion before circling in on her clit.

A kaleidoscope of butterflies was set free inside her, tickling her stomach. She released a m.o.a.n as she convulsed under his touch, her hands flying to his head, fisting his hair when he sent her at the edge of euphoria. 

Tilting her pelvis closer to his face, he pushed her legs back, spreading her open for him more, smirking at the image in front of him.

Exposed. Wet. Needy.

Maxen dipped his head, lapping her folds. He watched Olivia writhed on the bed as he inserted his tongue inside her hole, his other hand playing circles on her clit.

And when Olivia mewled, he f.u.c.k.i.e.d her with his mouth like a starved caveman, never stopping until he felt her shiver and heard her cry out his name.

Between her legs, Maxen drank her juice as he listened to her exhalation, a musical masterpiece which he could listen to on repeat.

"What the heck just happened?" Olivia panted as if she did all the work. Her forearms rested over her eyes as she calmed herself from her high. "That was amazing, Max." 

"And you're… delicious," he replied, wiping her down with a wet napkin that he got from the bedside table.

When he was done with his ritual of cleaning her, he went to the ensuite to change into his pyjamas. 

After a while, he dragged his feet back to the bed and landed on the empty space beside her. 

"Good night, baby."

Twisting her body to face him, surprise was written all over Olivia's face when she found him fast asleep.

"Good night, Max." She patted his chest, humming the notes in her head until she too, fell asleep.

The next day, it was still dark outside when Olivia's alarm went off, rousing them from their slumber.

It was still three in the morning but they had to get up early to travel to the other side of the island where the undisturbed oasis brimming with flora and fauna could be found.

It was an hour drive to the base of the camp and another hour trek up to the sanctuary where migratory birds could be seen from afar.

While his staff was setting up camp, Jack came forward and whispered something in Maxen's ear, prompting the latter to excuse himself from the rest of the group.

When Jack and Maxen were out of earshot, the former handed a tablet to his boss.

"Details from the auction next week, Your Highness."

A crease formed on Maxen's forehead. Glaring at him was a complete list of the Vasiliev Family.

"All of them? Really?" 

"Yes, Your Highness. Ms. Bella Sokolov, the king's fiancee is with them too and as you've instructed, Royal Communications has blocked Natalia's number from your general channel."

"Good. Great work." He patted Jack on his arm, dipping his hands inside his pocket and headed back where he left his baby.

Today's not the day for him to stress about the Vasiliev Family because today, his attention solely belonged to the woman who made his childhood dream possible even just for a day.

He sauntered back to where Olivia was peeping in the viewfinder. In his eyes, she looked like a goddess even when she's dressed up in her Lara Croft ensemble. 

And when she glanced at him, his smile mirrored hers, reaching his eyes that had the same color as the clear, cloudless sky.

"Max, look." She flicked her wrist, hurrying him up in his tracks.

When he took a peek on the viewfinder, he saw it perched up on a tree against the backdrop of monolith mountain ranges that were covered with lush mountain trees.

Scooting away to give him space, Olivia took a photo of Maxen as he focused on his subject.

Olivia Sparks

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