One Flower Blooms

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One Flower Blooms,

Fujimura Miyu is a piece of trash. She is ometimes even called a waste of space. Her own sisters use her for their own personal gain and her father and step mother hate her to the ends of the world.

Miyu is trash because she has no powers. Powers are everything in this empire, and only peasants have no powers. So, Miyu is treated like a peasant. Secretly, she is forced to clean, cook, garden, and more for the Fujimura household.

Everyone thinks Miyu is useless, but she actually has all the elemental powers and even more that no one has discovered yet. She is a great actor, pretending that she is weak and shy, so no one will try to hurt her for their reputation to rise. Miyu plans to leave the Fujimura household when she is 23, when she is at marriageable age and she is allowed to separate from the family. But people keep stepping in her way for freedom, on accident or intentionally.

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