Otherworld Adventure

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Otherworld Adventure,

It was the year 2023 on Earth, on the afternoon of a normal day, the Earth was suddenly enveloped by an unknown light that mysteriously transferred the human population into another world.

This story begins with a pitiful boy who was reluctantly forced into accepting his family's martial inheritance after his siblings turned it down. Who would have thought that this very inheritance would be extremely useful in the world he would be transported to.

Separated from his family, he was thrown into a forest of an unknown world alongside his friend and pet, Silver. This is the story about the adventures of the boy, Cecil, and his pet wolf, Silver, in the world of Alterna.

"Ugh, good thing I have you Silv, at least things won't get so lonely..."


Author Note:
This is my first ever novel, please be nice and do enjoy~

5-7 chapters/week (I'll try and make it 7/week) or 1-2 chapters/day (2 chapters if we're lucky~)

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