Our Bonds (A Kantai Collection Fanfic) Volume 1 Chapter 133 - 119

Shigure closed her eyes as I pat her hair gently. It's nice seeing her relaxing like that.

"Hauu~" (Shigure)

"How is it?"

I moved my hand from her head to her chin to stroke it. Shigure lifted her head up slightly to make it easier for me.

"It feels good. Thank you, Admiral." (Shigure)

"No problem. Is everything alright? Did you have any nightmares recently?"

She shook her head. None. That's good. Whenever Shigure or any of the girls get nightmares of their past, I get extremely worried. The nightmares usually affect their morale and it's dangerous to send a tired and depressed shipgirl out into the sea.

I continued to pamper Shigure until she is satisfied. She moved away from my hands and gave me a bright smile.

"Thank you, Admiral. I'm happy." (Shigure)

"Come to me if you are feeling scared. Or even when there's no reason. I'll be here."

"Yes." (Shigure)

Shigure turned to look at the time, before getting up from the sofa.

"I promised to have lunch with Shiratsuyu-nee and the others. I'll get going now. See you later." (Shigure)

"Have fun."

I waved to Shigure as she left the office. Now, what should I do? Surprisingly, today is one of those days where HQ hasn't sent anything over to me. The data for the large-scale operation Rondo mentioned was already given to me. I have already done the necessary preparations, so all that's left is to wait for it to commence. It's rare to have a day like this. Should I take a walk? Or laze about in the office?

I should take a walk.

I went to buy some sandwiches from Mamiya-san and headed to the pier. Once in a while, I like to sit at the pier and watch the waves while having a light lunch. Since Zuihou always makes my lunches, I haven't been here for a while.

As I ate, I noticed someone watching me.

"Erm... Are you...?"

Looking up towards me was a small girl standing on the water surface. She had pale skin and white hair. She wore a white dress with a small medallion and had small little horns on her head. peeking out from behind her were clearly Abyssal lifeforms. There is a pair of large ones with ship guns attached to them and a pair of smaller, round ones with horns.

What's is the Marshall Admiral's Hoppou doing here? And how did she come here unnoticed?

"Can I help you?"

Even if she is supposedly a friendly, she is still an Abyssal princess. One wrong move and the entire naval district will be in flames.

"Lost..." (Hoppou)

"Erm... okay..."

She suddenly glared at me menacingly.

"Sorry. I don't know how to help you."

Crap! Did I anger her?!

No. I don't think so.

Hoppou just jumped up, grabbed onto the edge of the pier and pulled herself up. She sat next to me and just stared blankly into space.

"Eh? Aren't you going to search for your companions?"

"No. Me stay put." (Hoppou)

That's what kids are taught to do when they get lost. I wonder who taught this creature such a thing.

Nonetheless, she is a dangerous entity. It will be better if-

Hoppou suddenly stared at me. Her eyes look like they are trying to pierce through me. This is scary!!


The both of us shared blankly at each other...

"Want one?"

I offered her a sandwich. Hoppou took of my hands and examined it closely.

"Thank... you." (Hoppou)

I watched as Hoppou munched on the sandwich.

"Delicious..." (Hoppou)

"I-is that so? That's great."

Is she calm? I can't tell.

I got startled by the ringing of my phone. Who is calling now? Ooyodo?

"Hello. What is it, Ooyodo?"

"Admiral! There is a large Abyssal fleet just outside the premise!" (Ooyodo)


I took out my pocket binoculars and looked out into the sea. Sure enough. there was a large abyssal fleet just outside our territory. I can see battleship demons, Wo-class carriers, Tsu-class light cruisers, Re-class battlesh.i.p.s, a Battleship Princess and a Aircraft Carrier Water Demon. Why did such an Abyssal fleet come here?!

Hoppou jumped from the pier and back onto the water. Wait, did that fleet come here for Hoppou?

"Pick-up... here. Go home." (Hoppou)

They really are here for Hoppou!

"I see. Then... Reach home safely, alright?"

"Un... Work... do your best." (Hoppou)

I watched as Hoppou sailed away from the pier and back to her companions.

"Admiral! Come back now! We need to deploy the fleet!" (Ooyodo)

Oh yeah. I'm still on the phone with Ooyodo.

"No need for that. They are leaving already."

"Huh?!" (Ooyodo)

"They just came to pick up their princess."

Looking through my binoculars, the aircraft carrier princess and battleship princess seem to be lecturing Hoppou. After which, they slowly disappeared from sight.

It would be great if that Hoppou can join us.

I finished up my lunch, got up and proceed return to office. Ooyodo must be dying to find out what just happened. Or maybe she is going to lecture me about how dangerous it is to come into contact with an Abyssal.

Probably the latter.