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Pokemon - Just For Fun,

You might have already known about the mystical creatures called Pokemon. These mystical creature have already become a part of our world's life and will continue to grow more and more.
But before talking about future let's follow the present. As they say present determines future. But this is the story of a boy who changed his future.
As they say a synopsis without a meaning and a story without a synopsis is useless likewise this author here is a very talented, smart and kind person ( ̄ε(# ̄)
Not really but~ I am hardworking
*Once again gets slapped ( ̄ε(# ̄)
Let's get straight to the business,
A story about a boy whose secrets shall get unveiled later on as the time passes by.
Will he always be a loner or will he get some friends.
Will he keep on hiding his true nature or will a situation force his true nature to come out.
Whatever comes out of his mouth is it a truth or a fallacy.
Is his background really simple as the author describes it*
What do you say?

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