Pokémon World With System


Pokémon World With System,

A genius, a mortal or a boy who had suffered through hell within the society become a killing machine and died while saving a girl from blast and disappeared in the flow of time he did everything he could to help those in need but what he got in return was curse of many families and people's.

He was shadow but not anymore
[boy I am sorry about this life of your but past cannot change but yes you can wish to live in any world you want to live and I will grant one of your wish as an apology.]

there was silence boy ignore everything as he quietly mumble in his mouth person cursing everyone.
looking at deprived eyes of such small and innocent boy God sighed as he regret for letting this boy have a life.

[boy do you want to go 2 Pokemon world where you can enjoy your freedom and you can train different and Powerful pokemons just as you have watched Ash In the anime]

" but can I become ash catching like in the Pokémon anime"

[ of course boy you can, but the world is quite different then the world you have watched in the anime. the one who created this anime has the memory of a single state in the real world that is why he doesn't know about anything in the Pokémon world.]

" you mean there is no kanto, johto and other regions."

[yes there is no region like those an insect the man who created just anime have only the memory of single state in the countryside. so it will be quite difficult for you to survive, just on the basis of knowledge you have of that world]

[huh huh don't worry boy I will give you a wish a system which will help you became best Pokemon trainer in the world so here you go and good luck for you adventure Bison.]

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