Red Twilight: Demon Of The Flowers

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Red Twilight: Demon Of The Flowers,

Award-winning author Dustin Feyder is back with the fifth book in the Red Twilight saga, where monsters can be beautiful.The Cosmos are in tatters, Heaven has been torn apart, world after world falls to the God of Hunger. The rules of time-space become unbalanced.

Hetatsubachi Una races across the endless ocean of ice, filled with hunger and l.u.s.t, the Demon of the Flowers ask one simple question “Is the hunt still on?” Joined by Jessica the Weaver, Hetatsubachi will jump from world to world hunting the servants of Cravixs in hopes to slow his attack on reality as the days before the end of the all things tick down to their final hours.

“this is the point on which history turns. This is the path Loki had set you on. If you decline this honor, I will not hold you to blame, but if you chose to fight I trust you understand what that means for all of us. Irrespective, tonight the war ends for you.”

-Jessica the Weaver-
“you think this is me? You think anything that happens to this body means anything to me? this is just a puppet that I have placed before you to act as a mouthpiece. You cannot hope to bask in my beauty, I speak worlds into being, my breath set time in motion, light burn to the beating of my heart. I am the foragemaster that tempers the fires of the real. I am the living dream that gives shape to life. You are weak, your ideas small, your actions meaningless.”

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