Reincarnated As Tony Stark With A Skill Volume 4: Star Wars Chapter 155 - Freedom

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After calling out to his master, Tony sent two of his lightsabers to distract Dooku. While they didn't pose any threat to the Count, it did distract him long enough for Windu to get away safely.

When Windu was a safe distance away from his, he looked around to check what Tony was pointing to.


Spiderdroids (bigger than cars) started appearing on top of the arena, Based on their movements, they seemed to have climbed up from the outside. There wasn't a lot of spider droid at the moment, but more of them should be coming.

After getting a firm foothold, the spider droid didn't shoot at the Jedis. Instead, they were shooting at the barricades that the Jedis formed to block off the corridors.

The shots weren't able to reach deep into the corridors, but their move helped the droids on the other side of the barricade. The barricade has almost reached its limits and it wouldn't last much longer.


Windu saw the situation and knew that it wouldn't be long until they were surrounded. He gave the signal for Tony to get going. Then, he went to continue his fight with Dooku

After seeing the signal, Tony sent a command to JARVIS. Then, he Force pulled Jango's blaster towards him.

Jango and his son still had lightsabers on their necks so they weren't able to do anything. They watched as Tony played with the blasters, changing its output to stun.

Tony started shooting at the Separatist VIPs and then he shot Jango's son Bobba.

Jango looked at Tony, wondering why he did such a thing. Jango was shocked when he saw Tony hold onto and brandish the Darksaber.

Tony: "You can protect these people if you want. Just don't participate in the fight. If you do, you'll die."

Jango looked at the Darksaber and then back at Tony. After a few moments of thinking, he nodded.

Tony returned the blasters he borrowed but with something extra. He added a bit of his Symbiote on it.

After returning the blasters, Tony also pushed the buttons in Jango's armor. This move disabled all the weapons in Jango's armor.

He then went to the arena to help the other Jedis.

Seeing Tony leave, Jango started moving the Separatist VIPs away from the firefight. He moved his son first, leaving the Gunray and the Geonosian leader out in the open.

Dooku didn't notice Jango leaving as Windu was keeping him busy. He only noticed the bounty hunter missing after Windu jumped off the ledge. Like his Padawan, Windu also went to help his fellow Jedis.


Before Windu joined, the Jedis noticed the spider droids and started attacking them. They were able to take out the first wave of spider droids but some of the Padawans were shot down in the process.

The Jedi's kept on destroying the spider droids but they weren't able to reform the barricades. Some of the B1 and B2 Battle droids started marching out of the corridors.

The battle droids started shooting at the Jedis. Most of the Jedi Knights were able to dodge but the Padawans weren't so lucky.

Padawans started falling down one by one. The Jedi Knights who were close tried to protect the surviving Padawans, only to be shot down themselves.

The Jedis' numbers started to dwindle.

They would have continued their attacks, but they heard Tony call out for the Jedis to get closer.

Tony: "Regroup. Everyone, gather around before more droids arrive."

"Huh? But..."

Tony: "Forget those. We need to regroup first. Soon, there would be too many droids for us to handle. We should cover each other's backs while we still can."


Before the battles droids have arrived, the Jedis were still able to dodge all the shots that were supposed to hit them. It wasn't the same now that the B1 and B2 battle droids were added to the mix.

The Jedis were about to have a hard time dodging and deflecting all the shots that were supposed to hit them. It wasn't just because the number of droids aiming at them started increasing, it was also because the number of stray blaster shots increased.

Tony had the Jedis land and regroup as they would have less to worry about when they're on the ground. Unlike when they were flying and shots were coming from all over the ground, the Jedis only have to take into account shots fired from certain angles.


Tony landed somewhere in the middle of the arena. Some Jedi Knights pointed out that they were slowly being cornered. Tony acknowledged this and said that this was part of the plan.

Their main priority is not to avoid getting captured. He didn't mind getting cornered. Instead, he actually preferred that the Jedis all concentrate in the middle of the Arena.

Tony went to the outer circle and deployed eight of his lightsabers. They started moving on their own. They deflected the shots back to the droids who fired them.

Tony continued this routine until Windu joined them

Windu: "Where is it?"

Tony: "Entering the atmosphere. About..."

Tony was just about to tell how much longer it would take when he noticed Count Dooku talking.

The droids stopped shooting so the Jedis looked at Dooku to listen.

Dooku: "Master Windu. You have fought gallantly. Worthy of recognition...."

Count Dooku started doing a monologue. He saw every single Jedi in the middle of the circle and thought that the Jedis were cornered. He did his speech not only to declare his victory but also to demoralized the Jedis.

Dooku: "I told you old friend. You are outnumbered. Surrender, and your lives would be spared"

Windu was about to refuse the offer of surrender but Tony said something first.

Tony: "Hey Count Dooku. Can I ask you something first before we surrender?"

Windu whispered to Tony asking him what he was doing. Tony just said to play along as it would be arriving shortly.

Dooku: "Padawan Stark. I don't think it is appropriate for you to speak before your master."

Windu: "Let him talk, Dooku. Then we'll surrender."

Dooku: "Very well. What do you want?"

Tony: "Nothing much really. I just want to ask. Do you hear that?"

Just as he said this, some of the battle droid's eyes glowed black. Then, their speakers started playing Shoot to Thrill.

Both Jedis and Separatists were confused as they didn't understand why the droids would be playing music at such a time. The only people who weren't confused were Windu and Tony.

Windu knew this was part of the entrance Tony was talking about. He wanted to remind Tony to hurry things up but he heard a boom coming from above.


An explosion happened and a dust cloud appeared. Everyone was blinded by the dust but their vision was restored when the dust was blown by a powerful gust of wind.

When the cloud was cleared, everyone in the arena saw the Freedom Gundam.

Tony: "JARVIS. Beam Spam"

Right after Tony said this, Freedom started deploying all of its weapons. The railguns at its waist unfolded. The two beam rifles the suit had were drawn and pointed at the enemies. The DRAGOONs were also launched from the Gundam's back.

After all the weapons were ready, Tony started firing all the weapons. A continuous burst of plasma rained down on the droids.

B1 droid 1: "Uh oh."

B1 droid 2: "Ruuun..."

B1 droid 3: "Aahhhh. Help"

The B1 Battle droids tried to run but they were destroyed before they even got the chance. They were caught in the explosions. Most of them died instantly, but some of the droids were crushed by the debris.

The B2 super battle droids were able to survive longer. Still, it was only by a few seconds. They couldn't survive the continuous bombardment, from the Freedom Gundam, that slowly destroyed the arena.

Any droids that survived the bombardment, were crushed by the arena itself. The only place that wasn't affected by this attack is the area where the Jedis were located.

Tony: "Hopefully master doesn't notice that I haven't used the lightsabers yet."


After a few minutes of continuous bombardment, Tony stopped the bombardment. He had to stop as the reinforcements have arrived.

Master Yoda and the clone army arrived to rescue the remaining Jedis.

Tony remained inside his Gundam while the Jedis started boarding the gunsh.i.p.s. He flew upwards and checked out the area for possible enemies. He found none in sight as most, if not all, of the droids, were caught in his initial attacks or buried under the rubble.

The Jedis boarded safely, bringing along the fallen Jedi with them. The gunsh.i.p.s flew away and Freedom followed.

Tony was relaxing in his seat, playing with HARO, when JARVIS reminded him that there was a call.

Windu: "Tony: Is Dooku dead?"

Tony: "No. I think he escaped. I remember Jango bringing him away when before I started attacking. Should I go find them?"

Windu: "No. Go to the assembly area. Get the locations of all the separatist spacesh.i.p.s and make sure they can't fly."

Tony: "Got it."

Windu: "One more thing."

Tony: "Yes Master?"

Windu: "Build me one of those motherf*cking suits when we get back. "

Tony: "Ye... WHAT?"

Windu: "I said build me one of those motherf*cking suits."

Tony smiled after hearing this. He acknowledged the command and immediately flew to the assembly area.


Tony flew his Gundam towards the Federation starsh.i.p.s (giant ball spacesh.i.p.s).

On his way there, he saw the separatist droids fighting against the Republic's clones. Whenever the separatist saw the Gundam, they tried shooting it down,

Tony drew his lightsabers and used it to deflect the incoming attacks.

While he was defending himself, the DRAGOONs started shooting at the large droids.


It took a bit of time to secure a path, but Tony finally reached the ball-shaped starsh.i.p.s. When he saw them. he tried shooting at them with his weapons. He wanted to see how much power is needed to get through its shields.

Most of the attacks didn't work but it was able to leaver a dent on the starship.

He stopped using the ranged weapons and started using the oversized lightsabers.

He flew the Gundam and landed it on the starship. He was able to get close because just like other starsh.i.p.s, their shields didn't protect against slow-moving objects.

After he got close, he ignited his lightsabers and stabbed the starship.

Just like how lightsabers work with normal materials, the oversized lightsabers were able to cut through the starship's outer shell.

Tony cut through all the antigravity engines in the starship, preventing the ship from flying to outer space.

After doing this with the first starship, Tony continued attacking the rest of the starsh.i.p.s.

The Trade Federation starsh.i.p.s notice him and tried to escape. They started flying into space but the sh.i.p.s flew slowly. Tony's Gundam was able to overtake and block them.

Seeing the Federation starsh.i.p.s 30 times the size of the Freedom Gundam, Tony felt like saying something. He had JARVIS turn on the speakers as well as broadcast to the public frequency.


After saying this, the Gundam started flying towards the starsh.i.p.s. He cut through all of their antigravity engines, stopping them from flying and making them fall to the ground.

The starsh.i.p.s' crashing down caused another cloud of dust to form. It hindered the sights of everyone on the ground.

Tony had Freedom flew high up in the air. Then, he started shooting at the silhouettes of all droids that he saw.

He was busy cleaning up the battlefield when he noticed County Dooku's ride away from the combat area using his speeder. Tony created a clone, gave it a suit, and had it follow Dooku.

Tony stayed behind to pilot the Freedom. He wanted to see how powerful it is and if it could stop the war by itself.