Reincarnation: Epoch Of Twilight


Reincarnation: Epoch Of Twilight,

A 18 year old neet bookworm was chased out from his house by his family. This v.i.r.g.i.n, penniless, and unattractive guy found that his life was heading towards a dead end.

He then recalled that his life could actually become much better if he was born in a different world.

Just when he was at the point of regret, he saw a truck moving at a high speed toward his path. Letting himself a long sigh, he squeezed shut his eyes, accepting his destiny.

“Please, at least let me die without pain.”

That was all he could hope for.

The next time he opens his eyes, he had already reincarnated to his favorite novel, “Epoch of Twilight.”

Mo Yuan, reborn as Luo Yuan in an apocalyptic world, started his new life, then declared:

"This time, I'll really live my life to the fullest with no regrets! Correcting the wrongs of the previous Luo Yuan(Author)."

Thus begins the journey of a newly made young man.

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