ReWrite System Volume 2: Welcome to the Garden Chapter 100 - Unbalanced

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After collecting every cogs he shots down, he checks his property for his remaining MP.

MP: 183/200

Looking at the numbers Vayne nods in satisfaction. If his what he assume are correct, then each shot cost 1 Mp. He miss 5 times when taking down this group of 12 cogs so the number matches his expenses.

Looking up, he can see a few pig like creature with feathers, beak, wings and bird claw for legs flying lazily or rather, let the wind take them as they nap.

Thinking it would be as simple as firing the mana bullet, Vayne pointed both his arms down and activate another function of his hand modules and feet modules.

The mana from his core surge to the reactor within his torso, converting it into elemental energy then direct it into the mechanism built in his limbs.

He had expected he would be taken off of the ground but what he didn't expect was rather than a slow ascend, he was literally flung upwards, by passing his targets and continue to fly up until suddenly the thrusters on his limbs stops spewing stream of flames.

The left over force of his initial burst still propel him up but it wasn't long before gravity start calling him home.

As he was falling, Vayne didn't panic. In fact if he had a face he would be grinning like a mad man as he control his fall to land on one if the flying pigs.

He managed to catch one when he fall pass then but what he didn't expect was the pig panicking instead of trying to take them both down safely.

In the end he had to spread the pig's wings himself, making them glide down instead of falling like a meteor.

By the time they reach the ground, the two rolled on the ground from the remaining force. Just before he could attack the pig, he noticed it wasn't moving. Dead form the impact it seems.

Storing the pig, Vayne sigh as he checked his Mp. The numbers listed on are : Mp. 1/200.

It baffled him how a short air time could drain him of his nana, it wasn't even a minute!

Shaking his head at his luck, Vayne check the in-depth description of the module he tried to use.


Thrusters module: by turning mana into fire based energy, these modules with allow the ability of flight as long as it is supplied with constant stream of mana. The default settings of these modules are 300km/h.

Current set: 300km/h = 300 mana/m


Looking at the unreasonable mana consumption, Vayne sighed once more before looking up to the sky.

The previous gathering had long scattered themselves when they get spooked by his actions.


Drawn by the alert, Vayne open the notification he received.

[Remaining Energy are below 50% please find a charging station as soon as possible or use an energy pack.]

Vayne wanted nothing more but to curse his luck at the moment. Not only did the thrusters eat unreasonable amount of mana it even use up his EN it seems.

After calming himself down, he move towards the nearest charging port in the digital map that Prim gave him.

After charging himself back up, Vayne quickly bolt from the location and towards their meet up location. The energy surge from recharging his unit must have drag the attention of a few nearby predators and he does not want to be in the menu.

By staying near the shadows of broken vehicles and ruined buildings as cover, he successfully avoid battles and made his way unimpeded despite the numbers of possible hostile creatures he met along the way.

The only times he break out of hiding is when he decides to shoot down a few of the piggions he met along the way, filling his quota up before he met up with a blood and guts covered Prim and Elgrez who are covered with mess.

Prim signaled for him not to ask, so he didn't. He tried to make a few conversation with Elgrez on their way back but his answers are always silence or just a deep grunt.

Vayne sighed internally, his initial excitement dying quickly with how dull the world has been and with his parts being mostly useless without expanding his mana and energy capacity, it's won't be any fun trying to experiment with them.

He really hopes tomorrow is a better day.

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