Road To The Throne


Road To The Throne,

simple take on an anime fan-fiction. The MC will travel to a lot of different worlds. anime/comic/novels. i decide the world as i write but if you have worlds you want to see. Let me know early so i can catch up on the story of that world.

The main character will be Over Powered.
There will always be a final BOSS in every world. The boss itself can be changed if you guys would really like to see the MC fight a specific person.

The MC will not be "full on" evil like you would see if you read or watch overlord. He will never kill just for the twisted purpose of taking a life away from the world. But he will also have no problem killing people that try to hurt him or people close to him. even if civilians are caught in the fighting he won't lose sleep over it. If you don't like this kind of MC then this novel might not be for you. :=)

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