Shinobi Fenrir Volume 1 Chapter 57 - Wolf and first meetings

After a few hours of bloodshed, the invasion has already been quelled. I was able to kill a whopping count of 189.

In this single battle, I was able to kill more persons than the count I have killed in my whole Anbu career.

"So this is the horror of war." I whispered.

"You said that right dogface." Tayuya said while handing a water bottle to me.

"Thanks, but as you can see, I'm wearing a mask. I won't be able to drink that Ms. Tomato." I said.

"Then take it off dumbass and don't nicknames!!!!" She said.

"Tayuya! Watch your language." Ao said when he arrived all of a sudden.



They then argued for a good minute or two before they calmed down.

"Sorry for that Wolf-san." he said.

"Just call me Wolf, Ao-San, it's great to see that you're okay." I said.

"Same here Wolf, just call me Ao. Where are your comrades?" He said.

"They're on their way here as we speak Ao." I said.

"How did you know that they're on their way?" He asked.

"Trade secret." I said to him.

After a few seconds, Crow and the other 2 arrived and greeted me followed by Neko and her team.

"It's nice to see that you're all fine." I said.

"Same here Wolf." Neko said.

After that, Ao then escorted us to the biggest building in the HQ to meet with the leader of the resistance.

When we entered the room of their leader, we saw a beautiful girl around her early 20's with red hair. She was emanating a powerful aura in her presence and I can smell a thick smell of blood inside the room. She is also accompanied by a blue-haired boy with a large sword and a black-haired guy with a wild appearance.

"Welcome, Anbu's of Konoha. Thank you for accepting our plea of help. My name is Terumi Mei. This boy here is Chojuro, the new wielder of the sword Hiramekarei and this is Kishi, the new wielder of the sword Shibuki. The 2 of them are my retainers alongside Ao. Also, this girl right here is my little sister Terumi Tayuya." Mei said.

"I'm not a girl!" Tayuya whisphered.

"Then you're a boy?" I joked in whisper since she was near enough to hear me and Tayuya was targetting my feet with stomps.

I can see Ao wanting to scream at her, but Chojuro is stopping him from behind Mei.

When I said that to Tayuya, that also meant that Neko heard me and I got elbowed in my ribs.

"H-Hello T-Terumi-Dono, my name is Wolf, and this is Neko. We are the team leaders of this Anbu squad. Also, these are Ox, Crow, and Monkey, while these are Hare, Horse, and Ram." I said.

"It is nice to meet you Terumi-Dono." Neko said.

"Likewise, Wolf and Neko san, thank you for fighting with us during the invasion. Also, this is a scroll that came from Sarutobi-dono. It states that the 8 of you are allowed to take your masks off if you want to since it is really uncomfortable to wear the masks all the time of your stay here. The only one that will know your identities as Konoha Anbu's will be the people in this room. In your whole stay here, you'll be a member of the resistance." She said.

Neko then received the scroll and opened it to read the message. It really states that we are allowed to unmask ourselves and show Mei our face to gain her trust, but it is only if we are willing.

After that, I then nodded at Neko and the others, and one by one they unmasked themselves for everyone to see.

This was the first time that I saw many of the Anbu's faces being revealed.

The only ones that I know from the Anbu are Yamato also known as Tenzo, Kakashi, and Yuugao.

Now I get to see the faces of the others. Crow is a beautiful Uchiha girl as expected. Monkey looks like a grown-up Konohamaru look-alike, while Ox looks like a smaller version of Elfman from Fairy Tail. Hare looks like a Yamanaka with her blonde hair and blue eyes, Horse is a black haired lazy faced Nara, while Ram looks like a joyful Aburame.

I was the last one that revealed my face to everyone. At first, I didn't want to reveal my face since I don't really trust my new subordinates or Neko's team. I know that Mei, Ao, and Chojuro are someone that I can trust, but that Kishi is a mystery.

When I revealed my face, everyone was surprised at my face. It was not because I was exceedingly handsome, but I was wearing what seems like Kakashi's facemask. All of them sweatdropped at my mask, even Yuugao Senpai had a tick mark on her forehead cursing Kakashi under her breath. While Tayuya and my team Anime fell to the floor.

"Are you perhaps Konoha's Copy Ninja Kakashi? No, I know that Kakashi hides a Sharingan on his left eye. Are you perhaps his child?!" Ao said while he received a knuckle blow on his head from Mei.

"How did you know?" I said, acting shocked, and now it's Yuugao's turn to try and give me a knuckle blow which I dodged.

"AHA!" I said when I dodged her attack, which gained a tick mark on Yuugao's face.

"Sorry for this guy's questions." Mei said.

"I'm also sorry for my colleague's action." Yuugao said.

"Hmmph, Konoha sent kids as their backup, how laughable." Kishi said mockingly.

"Shut up Kishi! These guys saved my life, especially Wolf! So never insult them in front of me!" Ao said while emitting bloodl.u.s.t.

"Yeah! Shut up FISH BRAIN! I can say that Dogface here was able to kill more than you have been able to kill in this invasion. So shut up, we don't need to smell your stinky fish breath." Tayuya surprisingly defended me, I mean us.

"WHY YOU LITTLE….." Kishi was about to reply but wasn't able to finish his sentence.

"Silence! Especially you Kishi! I'm sorry about his words. We're all just mourning for our loss with this invasion plus we need to move out immediately before Yagura sends more Ninjas here." Mei said and glared at Kishi while Kishi gritted his teeth.

"It's okay Terumi-Dono. We understand. All of us here in our squad learned to hear this kind of words. Also, just call us by our codenames without honorifics. We'll be working together for quite a while so let's start with that." I said.

"Thank you Wolf, also just call me Mei. You and your team also don't need to be so formal." Mei said.

"Hai! Mei." I replied.

"Okay, let's discuss where will we go as our new HQ...."

After that, we then discuss where will we go and how will we do the evacuation. Surprisingly, the rebels also have civilians on their rank that has been oppressed by Yagura's rein, that's why the evacuation is a lot harder than if we just migrate to another base as Shinobis.

Ao, was tasked to scout ahead with Kishi and Neko's squad. Tayuya and my subordinates are tasked to gather up the Civilians for evacuation, while me and Chojuro will act as Mei's guard.

Mei really didn't need the security but Ao was really vigilant, that is why he didn't want the discussion to finish before Mei agrees to his demand. Chojuro was a must since after Ao her right-hand man and Mei's sister Tayuya, the next person that everyone trusts as Mei's chaperone or bodyguard is Chojuro, while Ao and Tayuya recommended me as the other one since they know how strong I was.

After everything was set and everyone was packed up and ready to go. We then started our journey to our destination, hiding through the darkness of the night. The dark served as our veil that concealed our journey from other eyes.


At the topmost floor of the Mizukage Tower in Kirigakure, on a dark room that serves as the Mizukage Office.

"You survived this time Mei, but everything will come to an end eventually!" a short man with messy grey hair said with a maniac smile.

Shinobi Fenrir

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