Shou Chronicles


Shou Chronicles,

Do you like VRMMORPG? Why is there a new VRMMORPG which claims to have 100% emersion? Have you ever thought what will our future be like? Have you ever thought we are alone in space? Do you think aliens exist? Who were the gods? How did they do wondrous things instantaneously? Can I become a god? If so, how? Why is there a person who claims that anyone can become a god?

Chang Qi will ask all these questions to himself and this chronicles will answer his questions. Everything that was supposed to be normal will change when Chang Qi will lead humanity into a new era where people can choose their own way.

The new VRMMORPG, Shou Online will change everything from the ruling governments to the thinking of an individual person. People will start to truly cultivate to become gods. Will they become gods? They will. But how many and how are the main questions.

Through this VRMMORPG, Chang Qi will unravel his past and decide his future along with Earth. Follow him on his adventures and see what’s true and what’s false.

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