Smart Woman From The East


Smart Woman From The East,

Kim Mi-Ra, she is the first child of two children. His brother's name is Dae-Yung.

Mira and Daeyung are biological children of Kim Hara and Kim Ae-Yung.

Ae-Yung is the brother of Kim Dae-hwa while Hara is the sister of Im Nam-A.

Mira since childhood, he never bothered his father or mother, while Daeyung since childhood was spoiled because he has the Virgo Zodiac.

Mirai indeed won in the first place at the National English Olympiad and she was also smart in any subject area.

Daehwa is the second of two children and he has two sons named Chae-Yung and Chae-Yang and he has a husband named Park Hong-Cha.

Im Nam-A, She is the Wife of Director Yung Cafe. Her husband's name is Im Hae-Yung and he has two daughters named Haeun and Haechi.

Hae-Yung is the Director at Yung Cafe and her family is the owner of the Yung Cafe.

Since childhood, Daeyung likes a woman named Yoon-Sil. Yoonsil is the woman Daeyung likes and Yoonsil is the first child of two children and her younger brother is Chang-Yun.

Whereas Mira likes Chang-Yun, because Changyun thinks that he is a smart guy in everything.

Not long after ... Haeun married Chaeyung while Haechi married Chaeyang.

After that ... Then finally Mira married Changyun while Daeyung married Yoon-Sil.

A few years later ... Haeun and Chaeyung had two twin daughters named Dori and Mari while Haechi and Chaeyang had a daughter named Daechul and a boy named Daemul.

while Mira and Changyun have two sons named Yaesil and Soo-il while Daeyung and Yoon-sil have one daughter named Hanja and one son named Hansung.

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