Strange Love Volume 2: Stranger Love Chapter 113 - Falling to fate

The room was silent except for the steady crackle of the low burning fire and the breathy pants of two satisfied lovers. Russ let his body drop in exhaustion onto the bed beside Jos and pulled her onto his chest. A wide grin spread for ear to ear as he slid damp tendrils of hair out of his face. "My gods! If I would have known it would be that great, I would have talked you into this months ago." He joked between pants. He ran one hand over her arm and used the other to brush the wild stray hairs from her face.

"Humm…" A soft purr was all she could manage as she pressed her ear against his chest to better hear the frantic beating of his heart that seemed to match that of her own. She traced tiny circles around the n.i.p.p.l.e directly in front of her nose. After finishing their first round rather quickly on the chair by the fire, Russ had lifted her and carried her back to the large king sized bed placing her in the center and loving every inch of her shifted form. She'd thought to disarm him by incorporating an extra couple tentacles, but to her surprise he seemed more aroused than anything else. He'd instructed her through various caresses and uses for the extra appendages, which also to her surprise, she enjoyed. But in the end it had proven to overwhelming for her and she'd shifted back. "I can only think of one other time I've ever stayed in that form..." Her words trailed off, not wanting to bring up those unpleasant memories at such a great time.

"And when was that?" His husky voice enveloped her urging her on.

She frowned, "I'd rather not talk about it, we are having such a perfect moment. I just want to savior it while it lasts." Her fingers continued tracing patterns across is chest.

He carefully tilted her head up to meet his eyes. "You can talk to me about it. I want to know, to know more about every aspect of you." When she remained silent hand turned her gaze back to his chest, he asked. "Was it the day my parents were killed?" He could feel hot, wet tears pool on his chest. "It was, wasn't it."

Jos nodded against his chest. The pain of that day constricted her vocal cords and crushed down on her heart. "I should have done more..." Her voice cracked as she tried to push the works past the tight lump in her throat. "I could have at least saved your mother..."

"Shhh…" he Pulled her farther up his body holding her tight against his chest. He kissed the top of her head as he continued holding her tightly. "Don't you think it's time you finally talk about it? Finally time I know what happened that day?"

Jos nodded, tears overflowed down her cheeks. "I... don't know if I can... but I'll try. You're right you should know the full story."

***15 year and 8 months earlier, Greek Island of Zakynthos

"Ah, Jos! You're just in time dear! We are about finished out here." Camilla Boosilis called out from the large gardens behind the massive sculpted metal gates of the Sea Cliff clan's palace grounds. She glanced up at the tiny girl who was now struggling with the massive gate. She began pushing herself up from where she sat at the edge of a flower bed when a dark hand appeared over the girls head and pushed the gate open. "Raven! You're here too! What a pleasure!" Camilla dusted her dirt soiled hands off on her apron and turned toward the small child sized play area at the back of the garden. "Children come see who is here to visit with us." She called out and almost instantly two matching blond heads popped out of opposite ends of a obstacle tube. Excitement colored both their tiny faces as the girl made her way through the gates followed by a tall mocha skinned fairy, clad in rich golden armor that glistened in a majestic contrast against the deep tones of she skin and vibriant violet hair and eyes. Both children came running through the gardens as fast as their tiny legs would carry them. "Ray Ray, Nin!" They both yelled loudly as they each flung themselves at the two visitors.

Camilla laughed as she approached her guests. "He always seems to go straight for you, Jos." She said as she tossled the toddlers hair who was now wrapped tightly around the slight girls neck. "And she, always for you." Camilla laughed turning to the other twin now in Raven's arms.

Raven chuckled, "I suspect her attraction is for the shinny metal and not so much for me." She squeezed one eye tightly shut against the discomfort of the child pulling on one large hooped earring.

Camilla giggled in amus.e.m.e.nt, "You may have a point there." She gently loosened the toddlers grip and before the child could get out a full cry she reprimanded her. "Aht, I'll have none of that, little miss Rachelle. What have I told you? Princesses do not cry over such things."

"Beach! Beach! Beach!" The tiny tot in Jos's arms was wiggling wildly, ready for their weekly adventure.

Camilla shook her head a gentle smile curving her lips. "He does love your adventures." She nodded to them. "You guys go ahead and I'll catch up in a bit. I only have this tiny bit left." She indicated a portion of one of the large flower beds.

"Are you sure?" Jos asked as she wrestled with the squirming child, shifting him from one hip to the other.

Camilla giggled again. "Yes dear, though for the life of me I can't understand why you insist on staying in that form." She ruffled the child's hair once again. "Now you be good for Auntie Nin, you hear me Russell?"

Jos nodded to the small child, "Shall we go then?"

He nodded his head in excitement as he wiggled with even more spunk. Holding up a fisted hand into the air. "BEACH!!!!" He called out triumphantly.

She laughed and squeezed the boy in a big hug. "To the beach!"

Raven nodded and headed out the large gates first carrying the tiny wolf princess, Shelly in her arms as Jos followed behind with the clans first prince Russ. Jos glanced back as she stepped through the gates. "Would you like me to close these, Cam?" She asked.

Camilla waved her on. "Don't trouble yourself, dear. I'll only be a moment longer. Then I shall meet you all on the beach and show you how it's done!" She curled her nose up in a funny face as she gave her children a playful wave.

Raven sat leaning against a log with a sleeping Shelly nestled against her chest. She shook her head as she watched Jos and Russ build a sandcastle, or rather Jos build a sandcastle and the tiny prince stomp it flat. "I you continue to let him by with things like that, he'll never learn."

Jos didn't take her focus off the child as he stomped yet another sand mound flat. She bopped his nose, "That's fine isn't it? What prince should ever be told no?"

Raven shook her head. "You'll eat those words one day, trust me." She turned back to the path leading to the palace gates. "Speaking of which, I wonder what's taking Cam so long? She never misses a sunset." Raven set the tiny sleeping princess on the large chest plate she'd taken off earlier and pushed herself up from the sand. "I'll go check, maybe she's planted herself into a corner and would rather remain stuck in the mud than risk damaging a single petal." Raven and Jos both laughed at the thought of their dear friend doing just that. "I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't do anything fun without me."

Jos nodded taking the boy's sandy hand in hers and leading him closer to where his sister slept. "What if we pretend this log is a ship and we are pirates?" Jos asked him. "Would you like that, Russ?"

The little boy nodded in excitement. "Arggg!" He gurred in his most intimidating three year old growl.

As dusk began to set and the last lingering rays of the sun stained the skies a deep scarlet and plum that reflected in striations across the surface of the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean. Her worried eyes moved from the trail to Russ as he tried stifling a yawn. "Getting tired, buddy?" She smiled when the little boy nodded his head. "Me too, little guy... me too." Her worried eyes moved back to the path. "I wonder what's keeping them so long." She stood up and dusted the sand from her long skirts. She then bent and lifted the sleeping Shelly onto one hip and held her and out for Russ to take. "Let's head back what do you say? I'll read you your favorite book, if you'd like." She grinned down at him as his tiny blond head bounced eagerly up and down.

They made their way slowly up the sandy cliff trail leading to the main gates, but as they neared the gates the sent of blood hit Jos's nose. She lifted her head and sucked in a deep breath, and sure enough, the usually sweet sent of palace roses was nearly completely covered by the stench of fresh blood. Concern quickly seized Jos's chest and her legs froze. "Oh no..." She quickly glanced around until her eyes spotted a thick patch of low growing palms. She lead Russ to them and set the still sleeping Shelly under the thick foulage. "Stay here with your sister and don't come out until I come back for you, alright?" When the boy nodded his tiny head, she forced herself to smile back at him and kiss the top of his head. "I'll be right back, I promise."

Jos glanced back at the spot she'd left the twins once she was several steps away to make sure they couldn't be easily seen. When she was sure of it, she quickly turned and ran the rest of the way up the cliff. As she neared the man entrance her steps slowed and the smell of blood got stronger. She gripped her chest as worry seeped into her every pore. "Oh no..." She whispered again. She slowly crept through the main gate and almost fainted at the sight that awaited her. "Camilla!" She yelled out as she ran as fast as she could to her friends side.

Camilla laid on the ground, her beautiful long blond hair saturated in blood. Her delicate gown that had been protected by the apron was now torn and also stained in blood. Her eyes were closed as Jos dropped to the ground beside her. Tears flowed heavily down her cheeks, blurring her vision as she shook her friend's shoulders and cried out her name. "Camilla, please wake up!"

Camilla's eyes flickered open weakly. "Jos?" She struggled to look around the garden. "My babies? Where... Where are they?" Her frantic eyes met Jos's.

Jos cried harder. "I hid them off the trail. Come on we have to get you out of here."

She struggled to tug Cam up but couldn't budge her. "Bloody weak form!" Jos shrieked when she realized the limitation Cam had pointed out earlier. She quickly struggled to loosen the ribbons of her gown, but Cam's trembling hands stopped her. "There's no time, Dear. Get my children as far away from here as you can. They will not be safe unless you do." Her word began to fade and weaken as she struggled to finish her instructions. "Hide them fare away from this place, Jos. I trust their lives to you." Her blood soaked hand cupped Jos's cheek. "It's too late for me." A single bullet hole in her stomach began gurgling blood the second her hand had left it. "Take care of my babies." Her words faded as her hand slipped away from Jos's cheek.

Jos began crying heavier as she through herself over her friend's still body. "NO!!! Cam..." She lost track of how long she'd set there kneeling and crying over Cam's body until a tiny voice broke through her grief.

"Momma?" Russ's sleep laced voice called out.

Jos turned to see Russ holding his sister's hand as they both walked sleepily through the front gates. Her eyes widen and she struggled to push herself up from the ground as another taller figure stepped out from behind the massive metal gates behind the children.

"What do we have here?" A harsh callous voice growled in the shadowed darkness as he drew nearer.

"NO!" Jos yelled as she lunged for the tiny twins.

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