Supreme Origin: Time King Volume 11: Time King Chapter 237 - VII Eternal Tempest Clan

In a short moment later, Elliot returned to his mother side and they returned to the waiting room. Everyone there was staring at the young boy full of wary, thinking this team was a serious competitor for the championship.

"Mom, I'm a bit tired. Yawn, I'm going to sleep..." Falling asleep on his mother's bosom made the other participants nearly forgot the power showed just a few minutes ago. In mid his sleep, his thin eyes opened slightly just so he could see another team right on a man with a black wrist computer on his left arm before he went back to sleep. 

Soon another team was called and four people Elijah was paying attention due to their mysterious air went up the stage. They didn't have any affiliation, standing just as independent cultivators on the opposite side stood a mixed team with members from different paths, two fake immortals at the peak of mortality and two demigods.

START! This time the battle didn't lasted more than four minutes, the two fake immortals released their quasi-immortal armament and engaged in close combat while the other two focused on casting long-distance magic. With the four of them wearing the same ring on their little finger, an artifact to transfer thoughts without having to concentrate or waste energy.

Yet all it took to win the battle was a single member of enemy team step forward while the sword armament came slashing at his chest, but to the surprise of the fake immortal his blade passed through the target's body like he was a ghost then came a single hand smashing him on the face. By the time he woke up, his team had already lost. 

None of the team who won the battle shared their names and the crowd could only stare at the four without knowing what the hell they did. Elijah was staring at them with understanding though, given his previous knowledge, those four seemed to be specters with a trace of divinity inside them. He guessed it was disciples of unknown gods, who broke the shackles bestowed by the divine path and stole the power and insights from their Patron Gods. 

Since arriving on the celestial world, his understanding of the many experts he haven't even heard about in the mortal would were revealed to him. As well as one of the most dangerous figures in this world, the prince of devils, a well known expert in the devil clan on the same level as Lucifer. No one knew his true name, only that he arrived at his current position by devouring everyone else and it wasn't a secret the fact he had been a human specter many years ago and he used his power to become a devil lord.

Edward's reincarnation or Damian may have been the first specter to have become well known in the mortal worlds, even though his story had been changed while it spread through many planets. At some point Elijah was having a conversation with Yalli and Ava when they heard their team being called.

"Let's go." Elijah yawned and stepped forward together with his team, but his body stopped for a single second and then he continued. However he could only laugh when realizing what he heard.

 What made him exclaim in surprise was they were facing four youths from the eternal tempest clan, this time all with ages below a century with deep blue eyes and dark purple hair. It was his first time seeing a member of this clan, and the lightning,wind and water attributes were so dense that could give others a scare.

Standing in front of each other, both teams bowed to each other and introduced themselves. Lioni, Lea, Luca and Lyax were the main participants of the eternal tempest team. With cultivation on the peak of the eighth step, the four shared the same hair and eyes making other easily think of them as brothers and sisters.

When Elijah introduced himself as Rys, Lea, the youngest of their team and a sweet neighbor-like girl giggled when she noticed the hidden aura of Elijah. "Hehe, never thought I would see one of the ill.u.s.trious eternal time clan would participate in a tournament like this."

And the others beside her nodded, "And with the name of Ryn no less, I supose it is a member of the royal family. Captain, what about you let me enjoy the battle with this one?"

Lea pinched his ears and a loud yell was heard by all. Members of the eternal tempest were heavily talented in the laws of wind, water and lightning and when these powers work together the eternal tempest's special fusion law would appear, the laws of tempest. Elijah read all the information about their clan on a thin 3D screen, in the past his first origin artifact 'The Governor' was one of the best in terms of detection and assistance, it could scan through countless beings and make a nearly-perfect analysis of its strengths and weakness as well as the best way to fight such being. However he had to let go of the artifact in order to open a path of survival to his daughter, and now with his supreme origin artifact in his hands. 

He could only marvel at all the possibilities presented to him. With the timer set to ten minutes just like all the other battles, the ringing bell marked the start of the match. Rushing to the far behind of his team, Elijah watched as a pair of blazing golden wings spread out of his friend Ava's back.

He'd long heard Ava's identity as a stargod and the her title was the Blazing Black Star Goddess. Because she was born in the nucleus of a giant red star in the Andromeda Galaxy and absorbed all its energy on the time of its death which gave her the laws of compression, fusion and hypergravity.

The weight on the four tempest people increased by few thousand times in a couple of seconds. Evellyne saw her change her body irradiated with luminous black light that expanded in what seemed to be numerous starts flying around her.

 Lyax, a burly purple-haired man wielding a jet black sword dashed forward leaving huge holes on the ground with each step white cutting through the sphere of lights flying towards them.