Sustaining The King's Life

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Sustaining The King's Life,

Faustina Heilen is a Witch's apprentice, possessing a 'special blood' which is desired by Slave Traders. She presided in the mountains to escape from slavery while practicing medicine with her master, Eula. This has been her 'normal life' with her sixteen years of existence.

Until one night, in Eula's death bed, a man named Jonathan came and forcefully 'collected' Eula's body to use necromancy in order to resurrect her from the dead. At the same time, a man who is least likely to be in Faustina's home came to propose a completely different deal.

A summon to the castle from the king, Alexander Octavius Ein Feuerkrieger IX, himself. A battle they must win before anything else. A battle in order to get Eula back from Jonathan.

A contract to lengthen the young king's life.

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