Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife

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Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife,

***Love doesn't always bring the best person into your life, sometimes... love brings the worst people into your life.

Caroline loves money, an ambitious woman who will do anything for money. She come from a poor family background. Envious of her twin sister's good fortune enjoying a happy and secured life with her wealthy husband, Caroline believed that she must also be granted with the same amazing fate as her twin sister.

She knows that money always comes with a heavy price... she's willing to pay any price!

Meet... Mr. X... he's upbringing isn't something that he can be proud of. He had a hard time trusting anyone. He rose to power, fame and wealth not because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but because it's an inheritance bestowed to him from the wealthy man who adopted him. He paid gravely for that wealth and power throughout his young and a.d.u.l.t life.

When these two people meet...
What's gonna happen?
Will there will be sparks igniting between them?
How about attraction, is it possible?
And how about love?
Will love bring the best or worst out of them?

As the saying goes, true love does not come easy, it takes hard work and commitment. Some love can be too sweet yet fleeting and won't last a year. Some love grows in time, while some love can be deadly... there are types of love that should never be pursued because they are poisonous. Only true love endures the test of time... in this story all types of love will sprung from the ground and devour anyone who stands near it.

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