The Achievement Junkie

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The Achievement Junkie,

“Are you scared of going in the mine? There will be lots of goblins.” Jack was curious to see how brave the little fox could be.

“Me no scared!” With his chest puffed out, the fox pup tried his best to appear intimidating but despite his efforts, Bowzer was even more adorable when he did this.


Jack was known as "The Achievement Junkie" in the world's largest MMORPG and worked hard to earn an unlikely quest. He was given the chance to fulfill his dreams as an isekai hero, and enter the world he had come to love. The problem is, he arrived thousands of years later and has no idea how the world has changed so much.

Armed with gamer knowledge, Jack must grind and level up from scratch while fighting the chaos that threatens the world of Kartonia. What awaits Jack, his loveable fox companion Bowzer, and their companions as they research the fall of the ancient gods? When war erupts across the continent, where will he stand? Who is friend and who is foe?


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