The Blue Planet Called Earth Volume 1 Chapter 17 - On the other side of the Array

Ama and Ash remembered the instructions that they have to signal their location as soon as they arrive on the other side of the array. They both picked a stone from the ground and embedded their magic in it, after that they threw the stone in the air, one of the stone flew towards the north while other went west. The sun was still above their heads that means they were not far away from the kingdom, they started looking around for any signs of danger or tracks of missing people. They both mutually decided to separate so that they can cover as much grounds as possible and decided to return at their current spot after 4 hours. Ash being lit with fire robe was leaving burn marks on the trees while Ama was carving a cross on the trees as she went further in the forest to have records of their tracks.

In the forest of Turi.

Guild master and other members of the team were waiting for the signal from Ash and Ama. They made a camp and were grilling meat to have their lunch. Pash came close to the guild master and said, what do you think is on the other side of the array.

Speculating things will only make us more anxious, let's see how much time it will take the signal to reach us if it's more than a day then we are not going to enter the array as it will obviously lead us to a place very far away from the kingdom. Then, I have to report this to the palace and have the place around the array in a lockdown even requesting the palace Rune masters to disable this so that the incidents don't repeat themselves. If it takes less than one day then let's just hope there is not a monster on the other side that we can't deal with.

The words of master took Pash by surprised he didn't understand why his master was so worried and in the first place why has the master came himself to this mission he can't help it but ask, Master why are you so worried?

Master looked into the distance, sipped his drink and said because according to the reports guild has combined, soldiers with gate 2 opened from the palace were also missing.

The news shocked Pash as he himself has recently opened his gate 2 and other than him and the master all the adventurers have their gate 1 opened. With this thought, he started sweating because he knew 20000 people where missing from the kingdom and if gate 2 people were also missing, sweat appeared on Pas's face, what is it exactly that is on the other side of that array?

After another hour of wait, a stone landed directly in front of the Master. It hovered in front of him, this was the signal that Ash has sent the burning marks were clearly visible on the stone.

Master touched the stone with his index finger and put some magic in it the stone directly moved towards the array and disappeared. The time of only 1-1/2 hour told them the place connecting the array was not far, both master and Pash gulped their saliva and jumped into the array, everyone followed behind them.

In another forest.

The guild team arrived and looked at what's in front of them.

Boom! Clang!

The noise of fighting can hear they all became attentive and looked around.

As I thought Ash and Ama already engaged with someone. Let's move towards the noises guys, shouted Master after taking out both his swords.

Arrgh, with a roar everyone moved towards the direction of the noises.

When they reached after 5 minutes of running they could see the forest was engulfed in fire, Ash was standing right in front of them.

Die!! Die!! Die!!, Ash was looking desperate he used an enormous amount of mana to use all the magic power inside his robe. The guild members all got close to Ash to help him fight against whatever is behind those fire. As soon as they neared Ash they found a body was lying near his feet and he was crying.

He saw everyone coming and shouted run,... Master run, don't come here, save everyone!!!

Everyone LEAVE!!!!.

Ash stopped shouting, he stood up and ran in the fire himself everyone was dazed with Ash actions

While everyone was focusing on Ash master looked at the dead body it was Ama she died?

Sweat appeared on Master head 'Everyone retreat'. No one dared to think anything else they turned around and left except for the Master. While everyone was retreating the Master picked up Ama's body.

As soon as he touched the body he felt a slight amount of magic still residing in her.

PASH, WAIT. Master ran towards the team waiting for him to come. He handed Pash, Ama' body and told him to treat her immediately. Pash then called the two medics they have and ran with them in the opposite direction of the fire.

Master then turned around and looked at the massive fire in front of him. He grasped the hilt of his swords tightly. Suddenly the fire on the forest started circulating in the centre, it was Ash he was manipulating the fire of the forest and was turning it into a giant sphere.

Master was amazed by the talent of this young rune magician.

Suddenly a figure of boy brushed past the Master from the right towards where Ash was standing. The speed of the boy was so fast that the Master only got a glimpse of that boy's face. It had multiple rune marks.

Master felt danger for Ash so he also ran towards the boy to save Ash from him. They approached Ash with great speed. Ash was completely unaware of what's happening behind him, the fireball was nearly completed and the beast which was 10 foot tall with three tails, blue eyes and four legs was finally revealed inside the smoke.