The Butterfly Of Chaos

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The Butterfly Of Chaos,

"Someone would understand your grievances, your sorrows? Hah! Nobody will lend their ears to an individual wail of pain, not even the mighty upholders of justice, the Tianzun Imperial Court! Dream on!"

A broken soul, mangled beyond belief, stranded within a world of pain and suffering.

"That was a thousand-some amount of human lives! A city of them! Ushering them towards the Gates of Yama, do you have no shame or guilt!? And you call yourself a savior of life!?"

Another entity, forged with apathy, incapable of resonating with other beings, drifting in a world filled with facade and corruption.

"What siblings, what family, what Pavilion of Swords, what Divine Palace? Your very soul has brought forth destruction to the Immortal Realm, a calamity! A walking disaster has no place within the Immortal Realm!"

One sole spirit, cursed with destruction. The Earth, the Heavens, and even one's own self perishes before their sword.

When the Butterfly of Chaos flaps its luminous wings, who in the world is capable of resisting its allure?

"Ronel, my fragile, beautiful creature. Must you force your destruction once more?"

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