The Deity's Bride


The Deity's Bride,

This book is for matures only. It contains profanities, mature content like s.e.x.u.a.l scenes and r.a.p.e. Bombs of typos, errors and unedited bs are included. If you're insulted or negatively triggered by varying usage of the said categories, then please exit this book.«

"Whe-where the hell am I?!"

"Simple," a mocking smirk crept on the deity's face. "You crossed the line into the devil's land."

All Creon wanted was to visit his old home which was given to him by his deceased parents. His simple plan went downhill when he curiously went through a magical mirror in the bas.e.m.e.nt which turned out to be a portal to an unknown world. There, he meets the playful and mysterious deity, who goes by the name Mythios. The creatures on the other world consume souls for their magical properties, but it seems like this celestial has another choice in store for Creon. That is to become the deity's bride!

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