The Dream's Last Inheritor


The Dream's Last Inheritor,

When god created everything the Excess of his powers were left behind and after thousands of years humans have learned how to harness and use that power which they called "Mana". Unfortunately the human vessel was too small to inherit the complete powers of god so they separated it into three equal parts. The power to Destroy, to Change, and to Create. From these powers the three main jobs were born into the world. The people who inherited the power to destroy were called "knights", the ones who inherited the power to change were called "Sages", and lastly the ones who inherited the power to create, they were called "Dream Masters"

The greatest dream master that ever existed ran out of his lifespan before he was able to achieve godhood so he decided to leave everything behind as an inheritance to his last disciple however, he would never have thought that this disciple of his would take thousands of years to inherit all he had, not only that but thousands of years later Knights, Sages, and Dream Masters have long disappeared from the world and became mere legends that people would tell their children.

This is the story of Leo the last Dream Master and his path to godhood.

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